Black Intellectuals Are Not Impressed with Biden's Inauguration or His Agenda

Black Intellectuals Are Not Impressed with Biden's Inauguration or His Agenda
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Dr. Boyce Watkins, an intellectual and finance specialist whose organizations promote Black empowerment and wealth, moderated a panel of Black creatives, activists, and intellectuals on his YouTube channel.

After watching the Biden Inaugural on Tuesday, Dr. Watkins asked the panel, “What Will Joe Biden Do for Black People?”

This is a legitimate question. After Joe Biden alternately insulted, then pandered to, the Black community throughout the campaign, Blacks still turned out for the Democrats. When Biden announced his victory, the Black Lives Matter organization sent a request to the Biden-Harris handlers, asking to meet to discuss the “Black agenda”.

By December 11, 2020, 32 days after that letter was delivered, no one from the Biden-Harris camp had reached back to BLM. BLM took to Instagram to point this out, and demand a response:

As of this writing, BLM still has not heard from the newly installed administration.

You know who has heard? Illegal immigrants and Dreamers. Biden practically fell over himself to sign Executive Orders, two among them were, 1) to halt deportations for 100 days; 2) Defend the DREAMERS program that President Trump was seeking to remove.

Black Republicans, thinkers, and Conscious Black Conservatives warned about this early on:

Coach Felecia Killings even pointed out that Blacks have been advocating for Civil Rights long before the LGBTQ community, and Biden’s 100 Day agenda has carve outs for even them.

Let that sink in.

The panelists included filmmakers Marcus Small, John F. Thomas, and Tony Lindsay. Activists Dr. Charm Tims, Ro Grangenois aka “Mrs. G” of the Black Wealth University, Zakiya Sankara-Jabar, and intellectual and activist Tariq Abdul Kaaliq.

In light of the moves, and lack of moves by the Biden-Harris administration, activist Zakiya Sankara-Jabar was blunt right out the gate:

“Everybody is ready to go back to brunch. This is going to prove to be one of the most anti-Black administrations in history,” she said.

Sankara-Jabar found the Biden appointment of Eric Lander, a geneticist from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, especially troubling.

With the history of eugenicists wanting to eliminate the Black race because they deemed us inferior (see, Sanger, Margaret), and geneticists using us as experimental tools (see, Tuskegee Institute and Lacks, Henrietta), Sankara-Jabar felt that Blacks need to pay better attention to what is going on in Biden’s cabinet appointments, especially in the technology realm.

“Biotechnology, nano-technology all of this technology is going to be merging on the cellular level,” she said. “Black people at large are not discussing this, and it’s very serious.”

Filmmaker Marcus Small saw the Inauguration as a “glorified pep rally.”

“We are the race of sheep; this is what I think. And everyone else are like shepherds. We keep being bamboozled; we keep falling for trends.”

Tariq Abdul Kaaliq’s first impression of the Inauguration was how identity politics were on full display. Kamala with her Chuck Taylors and pearls, as well as propping her up as a “celebrity”. This was particularly galling to him.

“It’s designed to lull Black people asleep and put us in a sleepful corruption.

“Black people have a switch that they [the Democrats] turn on to get us outraged. It’s almost as if the Democrats are not going to do nothin’, but we’re afraid to ask them for anything.”

Filmmaker John F. Thomas interjected,

“What good is that going to be with Chuck Taylors and pearls, when we have no substance?”

Filmmaker Tony Lindsay expressed his first impressions on the Inauguration.

“I want to say I really watched the Inauguration today with a keen eye. I would think Joe Biden’s speech was a very, very good one; if he actually meant it,” he said.

“The fact that I know he didn’t mean it makes it all the more frustrating and insulting. The most annoying part of me was the media trying to manipulate our emotions on what was really happening, and also playing on our fear.”

Lindsay wrapped it up with this sobering thought:

“Fear is the quickest road to consent.”

All the filmmakers recognized the spoon-fed symbolism of “celebrating the Black woman”, while giving little credence to the Black man. They also recognized the narratives of “safety” and security, with the walls, National Guard, and stark emptiness of the event that is meant to enhance fear.

John F. Thomas noted:

“This is all fear-mongering, they want to emotionally sway. That’s the thing that they keep doing, giving the symbolism, but nothing of substance in return, just empty symbols.”

Lindsay warned more about the:

“Heavy overdose of symbolism. Unfortunately, in this society, we’ve been conditioned, especially as Black people, to view symbolism as some form of tangible progress,” he said.

“We collectively fail to recognize the level of craftiness that our political institutions, that work in tandem with the mainstream media, engage in.”

Lindsay then segued into Biden’s agenda for his first 100 days and the executive orders that do not reflect any largesse toward the Black community.

“I don’t see anything that is geared toward the African-American community which handed Joe Biden the election,” he said.

Ro Grangenois, “Mrs. G.” of Black Wealth University, wanted Blacks to begin to think globally, and not just locally.

“We have the global leaders making plans against us, and it is important to understand as Black Americans the plans have to affect us first,” she said.

“We are the world’s consumers. We can blame Biden, but this is a global problem.”

John F. Thomas chimed in that even “Talcum X”, the Fauxlato Black activist Shaun King, recognized the sudden gap between what Biden said on the trail and what Biden is doing now that he’s been installed.

“This is the ‘Thank You’ that we get. We really need to understand political savvy and sophistication,” Thomas said.

Tariq Kaaliq called out the so-called Black media, and their part in the wholesale circus.

“None of the mainstream Black media is talking about this, it’s like they want to sweep it under the rug. We only take things seriously when only the white liberals and the media tell us to take seriously. Our priorities are wrong.”

Zakiya Sankara-Jabar again administered the strong medicine that the Black community needs to take:

“These people have not changed their playbook. They paid for those votes. All the GOTV, free concerts, food. We need to point to the fact that there is clear exploitation happening in our community.

“We need to have a full conversation about what’s really happening in our community, and the Black faces that are being paid to serve us up like sheep.”

Sankara-Jabar spoke about “million-dollar activists”, like Alicia Garza of Black Lives Matter. Garza, like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, is a child of wealth and privilege, who now peddles the born-again Woke, Marxist message of wealth redistribution and inequality.

Sankara-Jabar continued:

“When I was talking about those Million-dollar activists every single one of ‘em endorsed Biden at the end of the day, every single one of ‘em used their platform to get out the vote for a known sexist, White Supremacist, and everything else. Biden has a 47-year history of being anti-Black and these are who these so-called people, who are advocates for our community told us to support. I can’t take them seriously at all.”

Then she concluded with this mic drop:

“They are in lock-step with the social media companies. Black people, when you vote for Democrats at this point in history, you are voting for your own oppression.”

If you feel so inclined, here is the entire one hour and 45-minute discussion:

Filmmaker Tony Lindsay left with a message to all Americans, no matter what the race:

“What you should all know about the government: Once you give up your freedom, they’re not very good at giving it back. We really need to reclaim our righteous minds.”


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