Government Now Has a Renewed Interest in Restaurants Opening Rather Than Shutting Them Down

(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

The Los Angeles City Council, after saying nothing these past months about Governor Gavin Newsom’s and Mayor Eric Garcetti’s draconian and unrealistic measures toward small businesses and restaurants has decided to,


“instruct city agencies and departments to pursue changes that would make it easier for restaurants to provide outdoor dining amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”

How’s that tax revenue from the lockdowns and fines of businesses working for you? Obviously not well.

“ ‘I think there is no time like the present to take a good long look at what we can do to help this economy rev up very quickly once the pandemic eases and comes to an end,” Councilman Mitch O’Farrell said. “I would also like to involve the sometimes over — I think over-active and somewhat draconian — health department rules as it relates to restaurants and getting restaurants open and inspected and open for business, as well.’ ”

Since Newsom’s second shutdown of outdoor dining right before Thanksgiving, several restaurants have been giving him, and Los Angeles County Health officials, the middle finger anyway. They recognized 1) there is no science behind shutting down outdoor dining; 2) these arbitrary rules are cruel and unusual; 3) they have bills to pay and families to feed.

Tinhorn Flats Burbank, a pub where I actively protested with a great night out with friends back in December, is one of them. Despite visits from health officials and fines, their owners have allowed their patio to remain open for full-service food and drinks:

Chef Andrew Gruel has also been a vocal opponent to the lockdowns, and has refused to close his SlapFish chain of restaurants, despite push back.


Chef Gruel has done what the State and federal government is unable to do: assist struggling restaurant workers. Gruel and his wife Lauren organized the “86 Restaurant Struggle” and has raised more than $293,000 towards their 1 million goal. Gruel is giving out money in amounts starting at $601—a dig at the recent government COVID Stimulus checks— up $2,500.

KABC reported,

“Any restaurant worker who has had their hours cut or been laid off can apply to receive funds. People wanting to donate to their effort can go to 86-struggle-dot-com.”

It is fascinating, now that Americans are doing what Americans do: standing up, innovating, surviving, and helping each other do the same, that the government suddenly wants to be of assistance. In the new “unity” of a Biden administration, they are suddenly discovering the goodwill to help struggling Americans; this after Speaker Nancy Pelosi spent 9 months holding up COVID relief funds, while the local governments have worked to destroy livelihoods.

Some staunch opponents to re-opening, like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, are now all on board to re-open their beleaguered cities.


Chef Gruel calls out the hypocrisy of this realization, as though they came up with it themselves:

As my colleague Sister Toldjah pointed out, anyone who has been following along knows its a calculated, political, and worst, cynical move:

“How many Americans lost their jobs and homes because of what Democrats and the media have done? How many Americans starved, gave up hope, committed suicide? These are questions that will never get asked, because the reasons why they’d be asked would show the left’s and media’s true motivations for the lockdowns, the stall tactics, all of it right from the start:

“To defeat Trump – literally by any cold-hearted means necessary.”


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