Shock: Dems, Media Suddenly Going MAGA on Reopening Country for Some Reason (Let's Guess Why)

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As we reported earlier this week, New York Gov. Andrew “Luv Guv” Cuomo has done a rather stunning reversal on keeping his state locked down during the pandemic.


“We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass,” he tweeted Monday. “The cost is too high. We will have nothing left to open. We must reopen the economy, but we must do it smartly and safely.”

The statement marked a remarkable turn of events for the mainstream media’s favorite governor, considering Cuomo has been the king of lockdowns for eight months now, though he eased up a bit for a time over the summer after case numbers declined in the state. His reference to the “cost” of lockdowns being “too high” to the point the state “will have nothing left to open” had conservatives wondering if it was actually Cuomo who had said it or President Trump, who talked often last year about how the cure can’t be “be worse than the problem itself.”

Cuomo has not been the only heavy-handed Democrat who appears to have had a change of heart on shutting things down recently. Just yesterday, Chicago Mayor Lori “Haircut” Lighfoot called for reopening the city’s restaurants and bars “as quickly as possible”, not just in an effort to stop private parties from taking place but also because she says they need to be able to reopen in order to survive:

Thursday morning, Lightfoot said she plans to have a conversation with Gov. JB Pritzker about how to begin rolling back virus mitigation efforts ASAP.

“I want to get our restaurants and bars reopened as quickly as possible,” she said


Lightfoot noted the restaurant industry is highly regulated and would be “one of the safer places” for people to visit as state restrictions start to ease.

“They’ve gone above and beyond to put in mitigation controls inside of the restaurants,” Lightfoot said. “I feel very strongly that we are very close to a point when we should be talking about opening up our bars and restaurants.”


Newsweek also filed a report this week on a study that found COVID lockdowns have shown “no clear benefit vs other voluntary measures”:

Isn’t it fascinating how just days before Joe Biden is inaugurated that suddenly everyone who declared last year that red-state governors like Florida’s Ron De Santis and South Dakota’s Kristi Noem were “grandma killers” are now on board with reopening their cities and states, citing how keeping them shut down has only made matters worse?

This is reminiscent of what they did with the coronavirus vaccine every time Trump talked about how it would likely be available sometime between Election Day and the end of the year. Democrats and the media alike not only said it couldn’t happen but also stated that if it was then the vaccine would most likely be unsafe.


And then a week after the election when we first got reports that the vaccine would soon be ready for rollout, the media and Democrats suddenly changed their tunes. The vaccine was safe, and of COURSE it was going to be available before the end of the year, just in time for Joe Biden to take credit for a Wuhan virus treatment that both he and his running mate Kamala Harris and their mainstream media allies deliberately undermined in order to hurt Trump’s reelection chances.

This also reminds me of how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted a month after the election that she had deliberately stalled the COVID relief bill – not on principle, but because she wanted to hurt Trump’s chances for reelection and to give Biden a legislative victory that he, in reality, had nothing to do with.

What Democrats and the media have admitted – inadvertently – over the last couple of months is that Trump was right on a number of things: The vaccine’s availability, how keeping cities and states shut down was bad for the country, how schools staying closed was hurting children, and how Democrats were deliberately stonewalling on an agreement on a COVID relief package because of politics.

How many Americans lost their jobs and homes because of what Democrats and the media have done? How many Americans starved, gave up hope, committed suicide? These are questions that will never get asked, because the reasons why they’d be asked would show the left’s and media’s true motivations for the lockdowns, the stall tactics, all of it right from the start:


To defeat Trump – literally by any cold-hearted means necessary.

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