Mo' Kraken: From the Lizard Squad to Project Veritas's Warnock Revelations—At This Point, Will It Make Any Difference?

Mo' Kraken: From the Lizard Squad to Project Veritas's Warnock Revelations—At This Point, Will It Make Any Difference?

The “Lizard Squad” was trending on Twitter this morning, thanks to another Epic Rant by attorney Lin Wood.

For those unfamiliar with “Q-speak,” “Normies” are people who live in the bubble of social media and legacy media information and opinion. Of course, the normies, and some who are not in the bubble, are working hard to debunk or call Wood out for his rant.


While I don’t think I fit into the category of Normie, I wouldn’t say I fall into the QAnon category either. I have too much journalistic doubt and cynicism to be a true believer. Yet, despite my own colleagues’ objections and criticism of Wood—see them here, here, and here—I can’t completely throw Wood out on the conspiracy theorist trash heap.

My colleague Bonchie is fully in the Wood is a nut camp:

“Lin Wood is not someone to tie yourself to. The President himself realized that a while back and has not only challenged him directly, but has made it clear that Wood is not part of his legal strategy. Despite that, the lawyer made famous by the Nick Sandmann case has pressed on. In the meantime, his rantings and assertions have grown more and more unhinged.”

I do suspect there’s a tinge of the unhinged about Lin Wood; you have to be a little crazy to want to challenge the FBI, major networks, and the gun-control lobby. He seems to delight in tilting at windmills, and I am more than convinced he has zero f*cks to give about anything, including his reputation.

So, how do we know that Lin Wood is not a real life Howard Beale?

Howard Beale had zero f*cks to give when he went on his television rants; he had lost his job, his wife, and at this point, more than a bit of his sanity. Beale also warned us about the delusions of television and to not believe our lying eyes. To seek out other sources to find the truth. Beale’s famous line, “I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take This Anymore,” could be encapsulated in the Wood line, “If you care about freedom, take action. Time for non-violent civil disobedience.”

Perhaps Wood would say, as Beale did: “This is not a psychotic episode. This is a cleansing moment of clarity.”

Time will tell which is which.

Scott Adams, in his live, Periscope broadcast this morning, cast doubt on the Lizard Squad’s exposé of videos showing Chief Justice John Roberts and others being blackmailed. Adams made the point that if they did have such information, why not produce a clip, or a screen cap of an image to show some of the evidence? A staunch Trump defender, Adams apparently has decided the voter fraud allegations and conspiracy forays are a lost cause. Of course, if Wood winds up dead (as he is alluding to in these tweets), he’ll crystallize that comparison with Beale, who was murdered, and give more fuel to this fire.

I guess we wait and see what the Lizard Squad delivers, and whether Lin Wood stays alive. As someone who is fascinated by News of the Weird, all this falls squarely into that category. We’ll see whether it runs into truth, or just runs amok.

I am a huge fan of James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, ever since he worked with Breitbart to expose and overturn Acorn. That was next-level stuff for its time, and O’Keefe and PV continue to do great investigations and break news. Their latest offerings are recorded interviews from the Raphael Warnock campaign, and particularly with his Director of Small Business Engagement, Sasha Williams.

However, here at RedState, we’ve covered quite a lot on the Good Reverend and his views. How he avoids and obfuscates controversy surrounding him and deflects attention to his opponent, Senator Kelly Loeffler. We’ve written extensively about Warnock’s rantings about the military, the police, and his pro-choice views. So while some of this is interesting and continues to drive accurate coverage of Warnock, I wouldn’t call it revelatory.

The Georgia Senate run-off election happens tomorrow, and massive, early voting has already occurred; so, will this PV information make any difference?

The certification of the 2020 election happens Wednesday, with hundreds in the House, and 11 senators slated to raise objections. Will Lin Wood’s ravings move the needle?

We won’t know until the run-off has been called, and the certification sealed. Until then, all bets are off. In our current political environment, it seems like anything is possible.

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