Democrats Appalled: How Dare Republicans Mention Hunter Biden's Issues?

Apparently, left-wing media isn’t too happy about Republicans going after Hunter Biden. This, despite the fact that President Joe Biden’s son appears to have been up to some shady business. The press and their loyal allies in the Democratic Party have expressed little curiosity about the Biden family’s possible scandals.

Instead, they are blasting the GOP for daring to criticize Hunter.

Several media outlets have published reports and op-eds taking Republicans to task for mentioning Hunter and Joe Biden’s issues, intimating that it is wrong for people to speak ill of the president’s family members. But most who are reading this might be old enough to remember when the left didn’t have any qualms about engaging in the same behavior when it involved someone with an “R” next to his name.

Republicans are attacking the president over his handling of family matters, specifically related to his son Hunter Biden’s paternity case, among other things. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley criticized Biden for not acknowledging his granddaughter’s existence. The attacks have shifted from fringe discussions to the presidential campaign trail, with conservatives questioning Biden’s authenticity as a family man. However, at least a few have taken issue with this:

Focus group guru Frank Luntz, a Republican, cast the criticism as a personalization of politics with which he couldn’t get on board. He’s heard nothing from voters in his focus groups about the criticism facing the president over the issue of his grandchild.

“No one cares,” he said.

And a piece on The New Republic, a liberal publication, castigated the press, arguing Republicans would never be held to the same standard: “That is today’s real media bias. It’s a bias of expectations, and it always mitigates in favor of the people of whom nothing is expected in the first place.”

“Republicans have lost many of their core attacks against Biden as president. So it means that they need politically to develop more attacks on him as a person, as a father, or grandfather, because the attacks on him as president are becoming less effective,” longtime Democratic operative Simon Rosenberg said. “I’m not surprised to see greater investment or some of this ongoing obsessive investment of the Republicans trying to take him down as a man and as a dad and as a grandfather because it’s basically all they have.”

Rosenberg added, “It’s not going to be enough.”

Columnist Arwa Mahdawi wrote a piece titled “The Republican obsession with Hunter Biden has reached a new low” in which she took a similar tack. She castigated Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) for displaying a poster board during a House Oversight Committee hearing with “a montage of photos showing a nude Hunter Biden engaged in sex acts.”

In her article, she also complained about Greene including the pictures in her email newsletter and indicated they were “potentially violating Georgia’s revenge porn statute” along with breaking “federal laws that ban distributing obscene material to minors.”

Anjali Huynh in June published an article criticizing former President Donald Trump for using Hunter Biden’s issues “as a way to attack his father.” She wrote:

Mr. Trump repeatedly circulated unsubstantiated claims in efforts to link his Democratic rival to his son’s business dealings, which he painted as corrupt, even before Mr. Biden became his party’s nominee.

In 2019, Mr. Trump publicly called for China to examine Hunter Biden’s financial dealings in the country. Mr. Trump claimed, without evidence, that Hunter Biden “made millions of dollars from China” and that he used his political connections to persuade China to invest $1.5 billion in a fund he was involved in.

At campaign rallies, Mr. Trump frequently levied claims that Hunter Biden was corrupt, often pointing to a New York Post report about a laptop that was seized by the F.B.I.

And during a presidential debate in October 2020, Mr. Trump repeatedly suggested, without evidence, that Mr. Biden had both served as a consultant and used his former position as vice president to help secure business deals for his son. That series of attacks drew further public scrutiny to Mr. Biden’s son’s activities, as searches for “Hunter Biden” skyrocketed following the exchanges during the debate.

It seems leftists are banking on the possibility that the American public has a short memory. They have conveniently forgotten their own track record of attacking the children of Republican politicians.

During Donald Trump’s presidency, Democrats and their media allies were quick to pounce on every opportunity to target his family members. Barron Trump, then a minor, was not spared from the media’s invasive and insensitive commentary, which received widespread criticism from many quarters. Similarly, Donald Trump Jr. faced relentless scrutiny and character attacks throughout his father’s tenure in the White House. Yet, when the tables are turned and Hunter Biden becomes the focus of public attention, Democrats and the media cry foul, labeling it as an unfair attack.

Remember when washed-up actor Peter Fonda insinuated that Barron Trump should be raped? It wasn’t that long ago:

“We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles,” Mr. Fonda wrote in all caps, referring to the president’s 12-year-old son, in a recent post on Twitter that was later deleted. Mr. Fonda, 78, also wondered if such an act would prompt the first lady Melania Trump to “stand up against” her husband.

The spokesman for the agency said that “as a matter of practice, the Secret Service does not confirm the existence or the status of an investigation.”

Law professor Pamela Karlan did something similar during one of Trump’s impeachment proceedings:

Earlier in December, Melania Trump strongly rebuked law professor Pamela Karlan for mentioning Barron during an impeachment hearing. Karlan said: “The president can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a baron.” Karlan later apologized, saying: “I want to apologize for what I said earlier about the president’s son. It was wrong of me to do that.”

It is also worth noting that the criticisms of Hunter Biden are not without merit. His business dealings with foreign nations, including China and Ukraine, raise legitimate questions about conflicts of interest and the potential for corruption. The laptop controversy, with its dubious contents and unanswered questions, only adds fuel to the fire.

As far as we know, Barron Trump doesn’t have any weird foreign business dealings with Russia or China, which makes Democrats’ faux outrage over criticism of Hunter Biden even more laughable. Given that the media is essentially the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, their conduct does not come as a surprise. But is it any wonder that people don’t take them seriously anymore?



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