Breaking Barriers: Crisis Pregnancy Centers Stand Tall in Pro-Abortion Stronghold

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The Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade is still sending shockwaves through American politics. As red states and blue states solidify their pro-life and pro-abortion laws, organizations dedicated to preserving and opposing the procedure have been working hard to push their respective agendas.


Over the past few years, the left has brutally attacked pro-life organizations through smear campaigns and even physical violence. Nevertheless, crisis pregnancy centers, along with other groups, have continued growing — even in blue states.

The Los Angeles Times published a piece by author Mackenzie Mays in which she laments the growth of crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) in California, a state whose government never met a baby it didn’t want to kill. The article criticized CPCs in California, portraying them as misleading and harmful to women seeking abortions.

Mays argues that in the Golden State, pro-life pregnancy centers, often faith-based nonprofits, continue to operate and even expand despite the state’s attempts to regulate them into oblivion. These centers have managed to evade stricter regulation due to those pesky First Amendment protections granted by the Constitution. Efforts to pass bills limiting their practices have stalled, but California Democrats remain optimistic that they can use the power of the government to stop these organizations from persuading mothers not to abort their children.

The California Attorney General’s office has set up a complaint portal to address potentially misleading practices by crisis pregnancy centers, and the state is prepared to take action against any violations. Indeed, there have been cases in which CPCs have misrepresented their services. It is a point the pro-abortion left continues to raise. But they have never provided actual proof that all, or even most, of these centers deceive people into coming into their clinics. Indeed, the pro-abortion crowd seems to believe it is appropriate to paint all CPCs as deceptive due to the actions of a few.


However, even as these centers have shifted away from blatant misrepresentations, regulation has become more challenging for the pro-abortion lobby. Supporters of these centers argue that they provide vital support to vulnerable women, while critics claim that they undermine access to accurate information and reproductive healthcare.

While it is important to address any legitimate concerns and ensure transparency in healthcare services, it is equally crucial to recognize the positive impact that CPCs have had on countless mothers facing unexpected pregnancies. It’s a good thing Mays took a balanced approach and highlighted some of the benefits these organizations have provided for their communities.

Just kidding. She did no such thing. This is the Los Angeles Times, after all.

Nevertheless, these centers do play a vital role in empowering women, offering compassionate support, and providing valuable resources to help them make informed decisions about their pregnancies. Contrary to the portrayal in the article, CPCs are committed to offering comprehensive care and support to women.

These centers provide free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and consultations, enabling women to confirm their pregnancies and explore all available options. They offer non-judgmental counseling and provide accurate information about parenting, adoption, and abortion. By empowering women with knowledge and resources, CPCs allow them to make informed decisions that align with their personal values and circumstances.


CPCs go beyond just providing medical services. They also offer emotional support to women during a time of uncertainty and vulnerability. Trained staff and volunteers lend a listening ear, offering empathy and understanding to women as they navigate their options. Additionally, CPCs frequently provide practical assistance such as diapers, baby clothes, and parenting classes.

But let’s just get to the point, shall we?

The pro-abortion crowd doesn’t detest CPCs because of deceptive advertising practices. Their enmity towards these groups is based on one thing only: the fact that they decrease the number of abortions that occur nationwide. As I’ve argued before, Democrats stopped being pro-choice ages ago, back when people still used pagers to keep in touch with their friends and family.

If these people were pro-choice, they would not care about the existence of CPCs because it is ultimately the mother’s choice whether she wants to keep her baby. The problem is that this results in fewer abortions and less revenue for groups like Planned Parenthood. This is not about choice, it is about an ideology and agenda. The fact that CPCs are managing to grow in a hostile state like California speaks volumes. Perhaps more mothers are willing to consider alternatives to abortion, a possibility that frightens the pro-abortion folks.



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