Whistleblower Sounds the Alarm on ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ Performed on Children at Texas Facility

AP Photo/John Hanna

Journalist Christopher Rufo recently published an anonymous whistleblower account detailing how doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital are allegedly rushing children into cross-sex medical interventions and disregarding parental objections.

The whistleblower, who worked with Dr. Richard Roberts, claimed that children with gender identity issues, including those with autism or mental health problems, were being prescribed puberty blockers, testosterone, estrogen and referred for double mastectomies. The whistleblower and other employees expressed concerns about the irreversible harm inflicted on children but feared retaliation for speaking out.

The whistleblower shared instances where a doctor asked a 10-year-old girl, who identified as a boy if she wanted her menstrual period to go away and prescribed puberty blockers the same day of the initial appointment if the patient met the criteria for gender dysphoria. The whistleblower also highlighted the financial incentives, with transgender medicine being described as lucrative and doctors seen as activists seeking recognition and applause from the medical community.

The whistleblower told Rufo that she has been present with Dr. Roberts while he interacted with the minor patients and their parents. She noted that most of these individuals have other mental health concerns that seem to go unaddressed in the office.

And it is absolutely astonishing: so many of the charts that I have just perused and read through as I’m doing my work, they have serious mental health issues. They’re autistic. They have previous suicide attempts. They’re depressed. They’re on anxiety medications. They have a disability of some kind. It’s just absolutely wild.

She described how Dr. Roberts has been quick to write letters recommending “gender-affirming care” including the use of puberty blockers and even surgical treatments. The whistleblower said:

If there’s a patient who comes in who wants an increase in testosterone, for example, he’ll totally do it. He’ll up the dose. I have personally seen letters and referrals that he has made for double mastectomies. He’s written letters to other states referring these kids to get surgery saying that he’s 100 percent on board, because they qualify under the gender-dysphoria criteria and the diagnoses from WPATH [the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, the professional society that sets standards for transgender medicine]. It’s just really sad. They’re looking for affirmation. They’re seeking the validation and approval of the adults that are in their lives. They’re insecure. This is just from my interactions with these patients.

Later in the interview, the whistleblower told Rufo that Dr. Roberts is “very accommodating” to what the children want regarding their gender identity and that he “does whatever they want” when treating them. “Essentially, there’s no critical analysis of the process,” she said, also noting that if the children fit the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s guidelines for gender dysphoria, the doctor will prescribe puberty blockers immediately.

The increasing trend of children undergoing gender transitions at a young age through the use of puberty blockers, social transitioning, and surgical treatments has raised significant concerns among medical professionals, ethicists, parents, and concerned individuals. Rushing to put kids through gender transitions using puberty blockers may have long-term consequences and potentially cause irreversible damage to their physical and psychological well-being – especially after they become adults.

Gender dysphoria is a complex issue, and supporting individuals who experience it is of utmost importance. However, there seems to be a cultural shift in the medical profession in which people like Dr. Roberts are recklessly prescribing medications that cause permanent damage.

Puberty is a critical stage of growth, and intervening with puberty blockers could disrupt natural hormonal processes and potentially result in unintended consequences. The long-term effects of these interventions on bone density, brain development, sexual function, and fertility remain largely unknown.

The other issue is that children cannot fully understand the long-term implications of medical decisions. Consequently, it becomes imperative to involve parents or guardians and ensure that they are adequately informed about the potential risks and benefits of various interventions. Instead, many of these medical professionals disregard the concerns of the parents, even going so far as to scare them into acquiescing by convincing them that their child will commit suicide if they do not receive “gender-affirming care.”

Rushing into gender transitions without considering the long-term consequences denies parents and their children the opportunity to explore alternative paths, as their cognitive and emotional development progresses.

Unfortunately, it seems clear that medical professionals and the progressive left are unconcerned about the potential health issues these treatments cause to minor children. In states like Texas and others, lawmakers have passed legislation banning these procedures for kids. But many are still seeking ways to push youngsters into embracing a transgender identity, so the fight continues.



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