Tennessee School Shooter Audrey Hale's Manifesto: What Are Authorities Hiding?

I will happily eat crow if I turn out to be wrong on this one. Authorities in Nashville, Tennessee have still not publicized the manifesto written by Audrey Hale, a transgender individual who carried out the mass shooting at Covenant High School, killing six people. Three of her victims were nine-year-old kids.

Shortly after the shooting, it was reported that she had written diatribes explaining why she decided to carry out her assault. But so far, the public has no idea what her motivation was. Unfortunately, the situation has become so politicized that the fact that the authorities are still concealing the manifesto probably tells us what is in it.

Although the motive behind the attack has not been revealed, authorities have stated that Hale had studied previous mass shooters and meticulously planned the attack. The release of the documents is being demanded through lawsuits, with the National Police Association expressing concerns that the secrecy surrounding the manifesto may interfere with the investigation.

Experts suggest that when individuals intent on killing others write manifestos, they are often seeking publicity for their motivations. Dr. Katherine Ramsland, a professor of forensic psychology, told Fox News Digital that these writings could serve as a means for the perpetrators to assert power, punish others, or inspire similar acts.

“When people intent on killing others write manifestos, they want their motivation to be publicized,” she said. “Sometimes, it’s a suicide note, but it can also be an attempt to punish or to inspire others to follow their lead.”

The National Police Association, media outlets, and the public are pressing for answers and the disclosure of the documents. However, city and county officials argue that an ongoing investigation justifies their non-disclosure.

Still, legal experts claim that under Tennessee law, government documents related to public business are generally considered public records unless an exemption applies, which means the document will eventually be released.

In a time when law enforcement typically shares such manifestos to shed light on the motives behind mass shootings, the lack of transparency in this case has led to concerns about a potential political motivation. Critics argue that by withholding the manifesto, authorities may be trying to conceal Hale’s motive as it relates to her transgender identity.

Audrey Hale’s status as a transgender individual has drawn attention to her potential bias against Christianity, as the shooting took place at a Christian elementary school. It is entirely likely that in suppressing the manifesto, the authorities may be attempting to downplay any evidence that suggests a bias against the Christian community. This would definitely be part of the leftist playbook, which dictates that we must only be concerned about bigotry displayed against “marginalized” groups.

Additionally, Hale’s mental health problems, reported to include an unspecified emotional disorder, could provide valuable insights into the underlying factors that led to her violent actions. By withholding this information, the authorities deny the public the opportunity to understand the complex interplay of mental health and extremism. It’s much easier to exploit a tragedy such as this to push for gun control if you distract from apparent mental health issues, isn’t it?

As I said previously, if I’m wrong about this, and Hale was motivated by other issues, then I’ll snack on that crow. But nobody can deny that the official insistence on concealing the manifesto is about as suspect as it gets. It is impossible to ignore the potential political motivation for keeping it secret given that this is not normal procedure for these types of cases. But, if the experts are right, then at some point, the document will be released and our questions will be answered. Of course, if I am right, the media will likely look the other way on this one.


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