Limitations of Law Enforcement Underscore the Urgent Need for Self-Defense, Especially in New York

AP Photo/John Minchillo

How many more tragedies will have to happen before more Americans understand the importance of the right to keep and bear arms? This latest story coming out of New York is one of far too many demonstrating the reality that the government, in most cases, cannot protect us. But what is also remarkable about this is that it occurred in a state like New York, which has passed laws making it harder for people to defend themselves.

In this instance, a woman was stabbed to death in her apartment in 2022. Two New York Police Department officers were allegedly standing outside her door hearing her screams but took no action to stop the assailant.

The Daily Beast reported:

The family of Christina Yuna Lee, the 35-year-old woman cops say was stabbed more than 40 times by a homeless man and left for dead in her Manhattan apartment in 2022, has sued the New York Police Department for their response to the grisly murder.

The lawsuit, filed Friday, accuses two NYPD officers of standing idle outside Lee’s apartment while she screamed and was repeatedly stabbed behind a locked door—an inaction they allege is why Lee ultimately lost her life.

“Despite having reason to believe Ms. Lee’s life was in imminent danger,” according to the lawsuit, “(the officers) failed to gain entry to Ms. Lee’s apartment or otherwise provide her with any potentially life-saving police or medical assistance.”

Even though they were in close proximity to Lee’s apartment, it took the police over an hour to gain entry. Lee’s body was discovered in a bathtub, and the suspect, Assamad Nash, was found hiding under a bed. The lawsuit also criticizes the NYPD for failing to maintain law and order in the area surrounding Sara D. Roosevelt Park, citing a previous stabbing death that occurred near the park in 2021.

The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages for Lee’s death and holds the NYPD partially responsible for their response to the incident and their failure to control dangerous conditions in the park. The NYPD declined to comment on the pending litigation and did not provide information on any disciplinary actions taken against the officers involved.

Nash, the accused killer, has been charged with murder, burglary, and sexually motivated burglary and is currently awaiting trial. Lee, a creative producer for a music platform, was remembered by loved ones as a vibrant and loving individual, and a GoFundMe campaign raised $429,000 in her memory following her tragic death.

The recent tragic case of Lee has once again ignited the ongoing debate over firearm access in New York. While Lee’s family has sued the New York Police Department (NYPD) for their alleged inaction, it raises questions about the limitations of relying solely on law enforcement for personal protection. In a city where obtaining firearms and licenses to carry them is notoriously challenging, it further highlights the importance of having the means to defend themselves when police are unable, or unwilling, to respond effectively.

Law enforcement agencies are supposed to play a vital role in protecting public safety, but their resources and response times are not always sufficient to prevent violent crimes or protect individuals in immediate danger. In situations like Lee’s, where every second counts, the argument arises that civilians should have the opportunity to protect themselves and their loved ones. This perspective highlights the importance of self-defense and questions the effectiveness of restrictive gun control laws.

New York has some of the most stringent firearm laws in the United States, making it challenging for law-abiding citizens to obtain firearms and carry permits. The state requires individuals to obtain a license for both possessing a firearm at home and carrying a concealed weapon in public.

The licensing process involves a series of rigorous background checks, fingerprinting, character references, and completion of safety courses, which can be time-consuming and costly. Even after the Supreme Court’s ruling in New York Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, the state has found other ways to curtail gun ownership.

Advocates for easier access to firearms argue that responsible individuals should have the right to defend themselves, especially in situations where the police cannot provide immediate assistance. They contend that denying civilians the means to protect themselves undermines their inherent right to self-defense. Strict gun control laws disproportionately affect law-abiding citizens by empowering criminals who don’t bother to follow the law.

Lee’s death is particularly egregious because those charged with protecting the public allegedly failed to do their jobs. This is not the first time we have seen this happen. Law enforcement failed during the Uvalde school shooting as well. It is not realistic to expect that the government will be there to protect us, which is why those espousing stricter gun control laws are placing more people in danger.


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