How Will the Left Handle Elon Musk’s Revelations About Twitter?

AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File

When Elon Musk released the first iteration of The Twitter Files, conservatives finally began getting what we had been waiting for since he first announced his intention to buy the company. Over the past week, the new CEO has been exposing the machinations of the company’s prior leadership and how they applied its terms of service based on the politics of the individuals involved.

On the other hand, while conservatives were anxiously anticipating the dirt Musk would uncover, progressives alternated between being furious and terrified. Indeed, activist media outlets and far leftist influencers have launched all manner of attacks against the Twitter CEO, hoping to discredit his leadership and undermine the free speech vision he has articulated for the company.

Progressive propaganda outlets insisted that Musk is creating a wider platform for white supremacists and other unsavory types and claimed he was increasing the rate of “hate speech” used on the platform. They even attempted to deceive their audiences into believing that he is somehow making the issue of child porn being spread on the site worse when the facts show the opposite.

But predictably, none of these invectives and lies have impeded his progress or deterred him from fostering transparency. This is what the Twitter Files are about. So far, Musk has exposed the details behind the decision to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story, revealed how the company was throttling the reach of non-progressive accounts, and now, has shown how Twitter’s former leadership handled the banning of former President Donald Trump.

So far, the left-leaning chattering class has responded in two ways: Ignoring the revelations or attempting to downplay them. Progressive influencers either want to prevent people from understanding how deep the Twitterati’s politically-biased censorship was or to convince people that it wasn’t a big deal.

So far, it appears they are failing on both counts.

This begs the question: How are they going to handle these disclosures going forward?

As journalist Matt Taibbi indicated in the third installment of the Twitter Files, there is much more to come. Right now, we don’t have an idea of the timeframe for releasing the rest of the material. But it seems safe to assume we are not close to the epic finale just yet.

What progressives will be forced to come to terms with is the reality that Musk has taken away the only argument they had when it comes to Big Tech censorship: Deniability. Over the years, as conservatives castigated companies like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google over their biased practices, leftists routinely responded with gaslighting, pretending it was all in our heads. They ridiculed and mocked those who dared to suggest that the progressives who run these companies were not playing fair.

Now, they can’t continue that strategy because Musk has clearly shown that this was a regular practice under the old regime. If this was happening at Twitter, it lends credibility to the idea that it is happening with other social media platforms as well. At this point, denial is no longer an option.

It is also worth pointing out that continuing to ignore the matter won’t be a viable strategy either. While mainstream activist media outlets are not giving the issue much attention, they will not be able to avoid it forever. This holds true, especially if Republicans in Congress decide to get involved. There is already talk of holding hearings and/or investigations into the matter. Other social media companies might come under scrutiny. Even if it’s just to make political hay, it can be expected that the GOP will keep the issue alive.

At this point, the only option for progressives when it comes to the debate over Big Tech is to hope that it doesn’t become an even bigger issue. The activist media won’t be able to control the narrative in this respect as they are in other situations, especially since the censorship brigade is no longer in service at Twitter. In essence, it is Musk who is calling the shots in this conversation, not the ones seeking to undermine him.


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