WATCH: Comedian Lou Perez Explains How Progressive Politics Killed Comedy

Comedian Lou Perez discusses the state of comedy on "A Fresh Perspective" (Credit: Jeff Charles/A Fresh Perspective)

This is one of the most fun interviews I’ve done. I spoke with comedian and podcaster Lou Perez about the state of comedy in 2022, especially when related to politics.


After former President Donald Trump came onto the scene, comedians – especially on the left – appeared to believe their role in society had somehow changed. Perez describes how this brought on a paradigm shift that essentially murdered comedy as we know it. But he also predicts a resurgence in the medium, which is comforting.

As someone who enjoys writing satire and making people laugh by pointing out the absurdities in American politics, I have seen firsthand how difficult it is to use humor to make a point without people thinking the jokes are reality. As someone who appreciates the art form, I had a great time picking Perez’s brain and learning more about his story – and I think you will too.

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Also, check out this short film on Perez’s channel – it is absolutely hilarious!



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