Can Texas Replicate Florida’s School Board Victories?

AP Photo/Eric Gay

It appears the chickens might be coming home to roost for school boards that have supported or defended questionable practices in their districts. After more than two years of public outcry against schools infusing far-leftist progressive ideas into K-12 classrooms, conservatives are looking to seize political power at the local level.

This is especially true in Texas, where a slate of school board candidates has received some pretty significant backing from the state Republican Party and conservative-leaning advocacy groups. If all goes according to plan, the Lone Star State could see the beginnings of a revolution like what occurred in Florida earlier this year.

Texas Scorecard reported:

Boosted by momentum from big wins in May, conservative school board candidates on the November ballot are picking up big endorsements in their fights to help Texas parents reclaim public schools from leftist ideologies.

Calling local school board races “the new election battleground in Texas,” the Republican Party of Texas is endorsing 11 candidates in three key school districts: Princeton, Round Rock, and Wylie.

The Texas GOP announced the endorsement through an email sent to subscribers. “Education and parents’ rights are at the forefront of Texans’ minds and the Texas GOP’s platform,” the email read. “Local elections for school boards can no longer be considered ‘non-partisan.’”

“Parents across Texas are increasingly concerned about political indoctrination in the classroom,” the GOP continued.

In the city of Wylie, four candidates are running to unseat incumbents who they accuse of failing to address the issue of sexually inappropriate material in the classroom and to rein in spending and taxation. They have called on the district to cease the inculcation of progressive ideology and to be more transparent about what is being taught to children.

The same is true of Round Rock ISD, which has been embroiled in a controversy over a superintendent that has been at the center of a scandal. I conducted an interview with Jeremy Story, a parent who was unfairly arrested for speaking out against the school board’s questionable conduct.

Candidates in both cities have received the endorsement of the 1776 Project PAC, a national group that backs conservative school board members. The organization has been quite successful. “All 15 Texas candidates endorsed by the 1776 Project PAC in May won their election,” according to Texas Scorecard.

These are only two of the districts in which conservatives are hoping to win important seats. It is clear that the backlash against the effort to indoctrinate children has not died down one iota. In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis endorsed a slew of school board candidates. Out of 30 endorsements, 25 won their races, further demonstrating that parents are fed up with the progressive agenda in education.

Many, including myself and RedState’s Kira Davis, viewed these victories as a harbinger of what is to come in the not-so-distant future. There are been just as much outrage in the Lone Star State over these issues as in Florida.

“Florida’s results may also be a sign of what is to come in November, as other school board races across the country will be on the general ballots,” Davis, who is also running for school board in her city, wrote. “Even if Congress doesn’t get their red wave, America’s school boards just might have a tsunami on the way.”

These are positive signs for those concerned about what school districts are presenting to their children. The left has been carrying out this indoctrination for years. Now, conservatives and liberals who do not approve are playing catch-up. But if these developments are any indication, we might be approaching a turning point in this battle, and it can’t come soon enough.


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