WATCH: Jeff Charles Decimates Jon Stewart's Arguments In Favor of Transing Kids

Jeff Charles breaks down Jon Stewart's interview about trans-ing kids.

When I saw former comedian Jon Stewart’s ludicrous interview with Arkansas Gov. Leslie Rutledge about the state’s law banning “gender-affirming care” for minor children, I knew I had to rip it to shreds. His arguments were full of false equivalencies, deceptive remarks, and outright lies about the effort to promote transgenderism among young children.


The conversation centered on the prescribing of puberty blockers and surgical treatments for kids who might be suffering from gender dysphoria. Throughout the interview, Stewart seemed aghast at the notion that Rutledge and others don’t take the words of the American Medical Association, along with other “mainstream” organizations as gospel when it comes to slicing body parts off of children or giving them drugs that will permanently alter their bodies. But, as you will see, his arguments were easy to slap down, as is the case with most who promote trans-ing children.

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