Viral Jon Stewart 'Interview' Pushing Child Mutilation Is the Face of Evil

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Since leaving The Daily Show on Comedy Central, Jon Stewart’s career has largely floundered. He now hosts a show for Apple TV that no one watches, and that has stimulated a change in his character from the guy who used to joke around with Bill O’Reilly to a rabid, far-left partisan. He’s got to get his face out there somehow, right? And what better way than throwing red meat to the lunatics while claiming to “own the cons.”


Recently, Stewart latched onto a bill providing benefits for veterans affected by burn pits overseas. Instead of attempting to bring both sides together, he ignored a Democrat ploy to make discretionary spending mandatory, instead attacking Republicans for supposedly hating the military. It was moronic, but it got him some headlines, and now he’s back for more.

In a grotesque “interview” with Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, Stewart attempts to compare gender dysphoria to pediatric cancer, attacking her for trying to stop the mutilation of underage children.

This is the face of evil.

What a sick freak. We are now at the point where major leftwing figures openly lobby to chop the breasts off of little girls and chemically castrate boys, and if you disagree, you are somehow a “science denier.” Stewart continually cites the “establishment” and “studies” while never actually providing any empirical data for his claims. Instead, he insists that it is Rutledge who doesn’t have the facts, as if she needs to prove that it’s wrong to abuse children. It’s asinine on its face


If you watch the entire clip, Stewart has no actual argument for what he clearly supports. He never actually says “yes, double mastectomies for teenagers are good, and here’s why.” He’s very, very careful to not mention any of the specific procedures, and he and his team edit the video in a way so that Rutledge (who probably did) is never shown doing so either. Doing that makes sure the audience has no idea of the actual stakes, and it shows Stewart’s cowardice in not wanting to fully own what he’s pushing.

Instead, his entire schtick is to claim that the “guidelines” have been designed by “medical professionals” at the American Medical Association, and thus, they must be followed without question. By that logic, the AMA could recommend practicing eugenics five years from now and Stewart must support it. Actually, he probably would, because that’s what lemmings do.

Let me make this as clear as possible: You do not have to justify not wanting to mutilate children. Any aversion to that is self-evident. Harming children is wrong, and appeals to authority are not an excuse any more than appeals to authority during the Nazi regime were an excuse.

With that said, I’ll end by saying something I’ve said many times. Namely, any Republican who chooses to sit down with someone like Stewart (or appear on CNN, etc.) deserves what they get. What the heck is Rutledge doing giving an absolute hack like him an interview when she should know he’s going to heavily edit it to make her look stupid and wrong? Stewart built his career on doing that on The Daily Show, and some in the GOP still don’t understand the game. They better figure it out, because what’s happening is dangerous and grotesque. Setbacks due to political incompetence can’t be afforded.



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