Progressives Are Intent on Wokifying Texas. Will They Succeed?

AP Photo/Eric Gay

The progressive crowd is trying desperately to turn Texas into a woke state. Indeed, all across the Lone Star state, they are working to turn out a generation of Texans that will be a little less BBQ and a little more soy.

There are several unfortunate examples demonstrating that the far left is not giving up on its bid to foist its values on the residents of Texas. For starters, we have Fort Worth ISD, a school district that is forcing its teachers to go through training sessions in which they are influenced into embracing ideas inspired by critical race theory (CRT).

The Texan reported:

A screenshot obtained from an anonymous FWISD teacher shows that pre-K teachers are required to participate in almost nine hours of “anti-bias” training in order to satisfy continuing education requirements.

Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? After all, we can’t have educators displaying bias in favor of certain groups of students, right?

But anyone who has followed this issue knows these trainings have little to do with ensuring equal treatment and everything to do with adhering to woke concepts like “equity.” Indeed, the description for the training notes that educators will “reflect on the knowledge they have garnered in the requisite diversity, equity, and inclusion coursework and present strategies to make their learning equitable.”

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a concept that has become popular in various American institutions. It takes from CRT and other far-leftist ideologies ostensibly to promote equal treatment. In reality, what it does is label folks according to their skin color. In many cases, whites are portrayed as privileged oppressors while blacks and Latinos are cast as helpless victims unable to make it because of America’s inherent racism.

Carlos Turcios, a former FWISD student who obtained the screenshots noted that they are required to complete these trainings “or their pay is docked.” He also stated that “the equity department has a handbook. It has introductions to CRT, anti-racism in the classroom, and how to basically embed anti-racism and equity in the school district.”

In another example, Decatur Public Library in Wise County has rejected parents’ demands to remove material that is sexually inappropriate for children. The issue arose when two community members and parents, Lia Carta and Tiffany Cook, discovered a book titled Let’s Talk About It, which is a sex guide for teens, and Flamer, which is a book about a homosexual male protagonist.

The first book is illustrated, encourages minors to view pornography, and recommends that they join “online communities” to learn about fetishes. The book encourages its readers to participate in these communities in which people share their “sexy adventures online.”

These are just a few of the books with which parents took issue. In fact, all across the state, people are objecting to some of the material being presented to children in public and school libraries. In a recorded phone call, an official working with the library told parents they would only remove one of the books they pointed out. The rest would remain on the shelves for little children to see.

This is not only happening in Texas schools but in other institutions as well. Laura Morgan, a nurse educator at Baylor, Scott & White (BSW) Hospital in College Station was fired because she refused to go through with a training featuring far-leftist ideology on race.

In 2021, the hospital introduced a mandatory training session titled “Overcoming Unconscious Bias,” which the nurse claims casts white people in a negative light. In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, she wrote, “After 39 years of providing equal care to all patients without regard to their race, I objected to a mandatory course grounded in the idea that I’m racist because I’m white.”

“I fear every healthcare professional will soon be forced to make the same awful decision I did: Falsely admit to being racist or abandon the medical field,” she added.

“The theory of implicit bias is grounded in the idea that regardless of a person’s stated beliefs or values, they unknowingly or “unconsciously” discriminate against members of other ethnic groups. Some social psychologists and political leaders apply the idea primarily to white Americans they say have racist associations without awareness and need to acknowledge this problem,” according to The Texan.

These three examples are but a few showing how even in a red state, progressives can still foist their ideology on people at the local level. In fact, this might be an even more effective strategy than throwing the effort behind an Irishman who pretends to be Latino trying to win the governor’s seat.

Focusing on local issues helps Democrats grow their influence in the Lone Star State from the ground up. Even further, if they are able to indoctrinate the youth through the public school system, they can bring about a generation that buys into Marxist orthodoxy, thereby turning Texas blue. Texans better intensify their efforts against these people if they do not wish to end up like California.


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