The Left Wants Us to Think Flying Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard Will Hurt DeSantis. They Are Wrong

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First, they tried whining about Texas Gov. Greg Abbott busing migrants to blue cities. They even tried calling the move racist.

But when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis joined up with the Abbott Express, the media went apoplectic. Currently, they are using lawfare and a bogus investigation to punish DeSantis for having the temerity to fly Venezuelan asylum seekers to Martha’s Vineyard, a safe haven for wealthy white progressives.


At this point, it seems Democrats understand none of these attacks will produce any results, so they are resorting to finding ways to cope with the fact that they have to get used to having brown people from Central and South America showing up on the doorsteps for the time being. To this end, the activist media is desperately attempting to convince their left-leaning audience that the political stunt will somehow decrease DeSantis’ chances of being re-elected as governor.

Authors Max Greenwood and Amie Parnes penned a piece for The Hill insisting that Hispanics living in South Florida, in particular, might be less likely to support the governor after he sent migrants to the island.

“While the move was lauded by conservatives as a powerful protest of the Biden administration’s approach to border security, it has sparked a wave of criticism from Democrats and members of Florida’s vast Hispanic community, a politically influential force in the Sunshine State,” the authors wrote.

Adelys Ferro, executive director of the Venezuelan American Caucus, argued that “there are many people more toward the middle and people who are independents that are very disgusted and that reject all of this.”

“We are Venezuelan Americans and we vote, and we’re going to vote in November,” she continued. “And we’re never going to vote for somebody who does this.”


The authors continued, speculating that Latino voters in South Florida might be turned off from supporting the governor:

On one hand, the move risks running afoul of Latino voters, especially in South Florida, a vote-rich part of the state with a massive community of exiles who fled oppressive governments in Latin America. The GOP has strengthened its position among Latinos in recent years, though strategists on both sides of the aisle say those gains aren’t set in stone.

“I think we need to be cautious about taking Hispanics for granted in the same way that Democrats took them for granted,” a Republican strategist told The Hill. “We’re talking about voters who like Republican policies, but maybe don’t consider themselves Republicans. They’re still open to hearing the other side.”

Is there a chance DeSantis will lose some Latino voters because of the Martha’s Vineyard stunt? Sure. Nevertheless, it does not seem probable that this will cause him to lose a significant chunk of his supporters in the Latino community, or even beyond that. Indeed, a Politico/Morning Consult poll found that a majority of Latinos said it is “appropriate” for Republican governors to transport migrants and illegal aliens to blue cities.


To put it simply, Democrats’ hopes that the Martha’s Vineyard stunt will backfire on DeSantis are unfounded. If anything, it helped him – especially with the base and others who are tired of the Biden administration refusing to do anything to solve the migrant crisis it created. Perhaps these activist media outlets would be better served by practicing actual journalism and holding the White House accountable for its malfeasance.





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