Sorry, Progressives - Most Hispanics Support the Abbott Express

(AP Photo/Matt York)

Remember when Politico published an op-ed claiming that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sending migrants to blue areas of the country would harm him politically with Hispanics?


Well, it appears this isn’t the case. In fact, a Politico/Morning Consult poll reveals quite the opposite. The Abbott Express and DeSantis Air initiatives are quite popular with Latino voters.

The survey found that 41 percent of Hispanics believed that the busing of migrants to blue cities was “appropriate” while 35 percent disagreed. About 25 percent indicated they had no opinion on the matter.

To put it simply, 66 percent of Latinos either support the initiative or don’t give a crap about it, meaning that neither governor is likely to lose support among this voting bloc over this issue.

To progressives, these results might be a surprise – mostly because they are out of touch with the opinions of regular everyday Americans. But to others, this isn’t quite as shocking.

The reality that the open borders crowd does not want to face is that they brought this situation on themselves. Democratic politicians – especially the ones leading the cities to which Abbott and DeSantis are sending migrants and illegal aliens – blatantly support policies that attract these individuals.


President Joe Biden all but rolled out the red carpet upon taking office, reversing most of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. Individuals traveling to the southern border in caravans wore shirts asking Biden to let them into the country. Some told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz that they chose to cross the border illegally because Trump was no longer in office.

The bottom line is that the days of Democrats supporting open borders policies without having to deal with the consequences of such measures are over. Both Abbott and DeSantis indicated they will not stop sending migrants to these areas until the White House finally decides to take the issue seriously. The fact that Latinos are largely on board with this should show progressives that their approach isn’t what the American people want.

But realistically, when have progressives ever cared what the plebes think? They will continue trying to import as many people – legally and illegally – as possible. But perhaps if they are forced to feel the pain, they will no longer be able to keep up this foolishness. One can only hope, right?


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