It’s Not Just Schools That Are Trying to Trans Your Kids

Training video at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia trains staff members to affirm kids dealing with gender dysphoria (Credit: @MegBeileen)

This one is particularly heartbreaking because it gives an inside look into the effort to persuade children to embrace transgender ideology. But what is noteworthy about this story is that it does not take place in a K-12 school, but rather in a hospital.

Video clips have surfaced on Twitter showing a training video created by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) in which staff is taught how to affirm the gender identity of children who might be dealing with gender dysphoria. Not only does it instruct staff members to go along with the child’s view of their gender, but it also shows them how to conceal it from the parents until they are able to convince them to buy into their child’s delusion.

Twitter user Meagan Eileen found the video after looking into the Professional Resources section of CHOP’s Gender and Sexuality Development Clinic (GSD). She was doing research because she saw that the gender clinic is “promoting its training in Bucks County Schools,” according to The Post Millennial.

In the video, which has since been removed from the hospital’s website, a teenage boy has been admitted to the hospital because he fainted. While talking privately with a nurse practitioner, he explains that he is really a girl and that unbeknownst to his mother, his friends at school call him Amanda.

“I don’t want to look like a guy and I don’t wanna get big, and since my mom won’t help me get hormones, I don’t like to eat so that I’ll stay skinny and more female,” the patient tells the nurse.

“That makes a lot of sense,” she replies. “So you’re not eating because you want to look feminine and feel more feminine?”

“Yeah, it’s kind of stupid,” the teen says.

“What made you feel safe enough that you could tell us this today,” the nurse asks. “Well you asked me about my name and my pronouns, and people who know about this stuff know to ask that,” the patient answers, at which point the nurse explains that she and her team will “come up with a plan to help your mom get on board” and says that “when parents aren’t on board, sometimes we have to take baby steps.”

Next, the staff members huddle together in another room to brainstorm ways to convince the teenager’s mother to get on board with the “gender-affirming” approach. They do not discuss his apparent eating disorder, nor do they even bring up the subject of talk therapy to help the child better understand his situation.

The doctor and nurses use the patient’s name while his parent is in the room. But after they ask her to leave, they refer to him as “Amanda.” Later, the staff members sit the mom down and explain that she has to accept that her son is really her daughter “because that’s how she identifies.”

This is precisely the approach being taken by teachers and school staff in K-12 learning institutions. The main difference is that these people aren’t typically getting the parents involved unless the student consents. If they don’t, then districts take it upon themselves to “affirm” the child’s chosen gender and even collaborate to develop plans that assist them in socially “transitioning” to the opposite sex.

Several states have passed laws safeguarding the rights of parents in situations involving schools. Some have also implemented legislation to address medical facilities. But in many parts of the country, this practice is still taking place. The question is: How much further are these people willing to go?


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