John Fetterman Isn’t Only Racist, He Is Also Wrong on Voter ID

When Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman isn’t busy chasing down black men with a shotgun, it appears he enjoys telling his audience that they are too stupid to obtain identification. In a recent video, the candidate waxed racist while discussing why he opposes voter ID laws, repeating a tired old trope about suppressing black votes.

Apparently, Fetterman doesn’t do a lot of reading. Otherwise he would have known that the whole “black folks can’t vote because of ID laws” has been debunked time and time again. Indeed, even people on the left have admitted that this argument does not hold water.

In the video, Fetterman discusses a proposed amendment to Pennsylvania’s constitution that would require voters to show ID whenever they cast a vote. Republicans in the state Senate advanced the measure as part of an amendment package that also included rules regarding abortion. The Senate candidate said:

“In my own state, they are going to attempt to pass a constitutional amendment making sure that universal voting ID for every time you vote. Not just when you sign up to vote. But every time you vote. Because they understand that at any given time. There’s of thousands of Pennsylvanians who typically are on the poorer side and are people of color that are less likely to have their ID at any one given time.”

Republican state lawmakers are going the constitutional amendment route because it would mean that Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, would not be able to veto it. “A governor cannot veto a constitutional amendment, which must pass the Legislature in two consecutive sessions and be publicly advertised before reaching voters, who have the final say on the proposal,” according to the Pennsylvania Capital-Star.

But it must also be noted that a variety of studies and analyses prove definitively that voter ID laws do not suppress the votes of “people of color.”

Conservative sources have shown that voter ID laws are not another iteration of Jim Crow. But even the left has debunked this particular lie, which is why Democrats have not been as adamant about pushing this narrative lately.

Vox published a piece in 2017 about a major study that was supposed to be the silver bullet proving that those pushing voter ID laws are nothing more than facsimiles of Bull Connor. The author wrote:

But a follow-up study suggests the findings in the original were bunk. According to researchers at Stanford, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania, the original study was based on surveys of voters that are extremely unreliable — skewing the results. On top of that, several calculation errors led to even more problems. When the errors are corrected, the follow-up researchers found, there’s no evidence in the analyzed data that voter ID laws have a statistically significant impact on voter turnout.

Whoops. Looks like the narrative doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. The fact that this lie was so egregious that even a far-leftist propaganda site like Vox couldn’t co-sign says something, doesn’t it?

But there is more to Fetterman’s bigoted claim.

Why on Earth would this man believe that black people – whether poor or wealthy – would not be able to figure out how to get an ID? Even if this were true, wouldn’t someone like him, who is a member of the party that claims to care about black people, see this as a problem even beyond voting?

Why aren’t people like him advocating for measures that would make it easier for us poor ol’ negroes to obtain identification?

There are only two options: They don’t care, or they know that obtaining identification is not an issue for black Americans, and they are lying their asses off.

I’ll say it’s both.

Democrats like Fetterman have shown that they don’t care about black people and are only using us to perpetuate their lies. Indeed, this man has proven once again that the left is at least as racist as the people they accuse of racism.



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