Democrats Aren’t Fooling Anyone With Their Lies About Indoctrinating Children

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky, File

Progressives who support the grooming and indoctrination taking place in America’s schools are often fond of trying to gaslight the nation into believing it isn’t happening. They pretend far-leftist ideas on race, sexuality, and gender identity are not being presented to small children.

No matter how many news reports surface showing that school districts are pushing ideas inspired by critical race theory and helping children transition to the opposite gender without their parent’s knowledge or consent, they continue to assure that there is nothing to see here.

But a recent poll shows that Americans are not falling for their lies.

A brand new Washington Examiner/YouGov survey revealed that most adults know that public K-12 schools are infusing so-called progressive ideas into their curricula and are not happy about it. From the report:

Fifty-eight percent of respondents, including 51% of Democrats, agreed schools are teaching students what to believe regarding race. And 50%, including 40% of Democrats and 49% of independents, agreed schools are teaching students to adopt certain views on sexuality and gender.

Even further, the report notes that “an overwhelming majority of U.S. adults believe schools should not be forcing these views onto children in any way.” According to the study, 68 percent of participants said schools should teach that America has a complicated history with “good and bad aspects” instead of the radical “America sucks” curriculum with which progressives seek to indoctrinate students.

Additionally, most respondents said they opposed teachings about gender identity and sexual orientation until high school.

Anyone familiar with this issue would not be surprised by these findings. When the progressives went through a full-blown mental breakdown when Florida passed the Parental Rights in Education Act, it was apparent that they wanted to see teachers instructing small children on sexuality and gender identity even though even Democratic voters disagreed.

Nicole Neily, president of parental rights advocacy group Parents Defending Education (PDE), told the Epoch Times that this has become a national issue. “Between 50 and 200 parents contact her organization every week because their schools teach lessons that promote transgenderism, Critical Race Theory, and other liberal ideas,” according to the report.

“These kinds of lessons take place from coast to coast,” Neily said. “Why are these activists so bound and determined to rip our children’s innocence away from them?”

Neily also indicated that some parents oppose these teachings but are afraid to push back. “They credibly fear retaliation, both against themselves as well as their children,” she said.

The Biden administration has been working to ensure that schools are indoctrinating and grooming children under the guise of opposing discrimination. President Joe Biden signed an executive order ostensibly designed to shield members of the LGBTQ community from “harmful, hateful, and discriminatory attack” coming from states passing laws like the Parental Rights in Education Act. In reality, the measure is intended to protect educators and school staff who are pushing transgenderism in the classroom.

Florida’s Department of Education’s Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. wrote in a memo that the state “will not stand idly by as federal agencies attempt to impose a sexual ideology on Florida schools.”

The battle over education continues, and those who are against the indoctrination occurring in schools are making headway. Groups like PDE and others are winning critical battles through the court. But it also appears that efforts to expose what school districts are doing when it comes to students are working. More people realize that school districts are not necessarily their friends. With the quality of education declining, many are choosing alternatives, which is yet another reason why pushing for school choice is essential.


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