Twitter Isn’t Fooling Anyone With its ‘Civic Integrity Policy’

Twitter recently announced it is updating its Civic Integrity Policy ostensibly to protect “the integrity of the election conversation.” To those in the know, all this means is that the social media platform is upping its efforts to suppress conservative viewpoints.

Nevertheless, the company seems to believe it can deceive folks into believing they are simply trying to tamp down on “misinformation.” Unfortunately, they are probably right in some cases.

On its website, Twitter claims that its policy “aims to prevent the use of Twitter to share or spread false or misleading information about a civic process (e.g., elections or census) that may disrupt or undermine public confidence in that process.”

The post continues:

This policy is enforced when the risk for manipulation or interference is highest — generally a few months before and a couple of weeks after election day, depending on local and external factors. This policy is an additional, temporary protection on top of all the Twitter Rules, which are enforced year-round.

Twitter claims that they “look to trusted regional experts” to “provide the most up-to-date, relevant, and credible information” because it is “important for us to curate and elevate these voices so you can get accurate information” when one uses the platform.

Additionally, the company says it works “alongside political parties, researchers, experts, and election commissions and regulators around the world” and stays “in touch with national parties and state and local election officials to be sure they know how to report suspicious activity, abuse, and rule violations to us.”

All of this would sound fine if Twitter hadn’t already revealed its bias in how it applies its standards. During the 2020 election, the company aided Democrats by halting the spread of a New York Post story detailing Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal. The company claimed it was only trying to curb the spread of misinformation, but it was obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature that they were making sure that people did not see the story, which would have been harmful to Joe Biden’s campaign.

The social media company has also shown a bias in how it selectively applies its rules. Recently, the platform suspended James Lindsey, a vocal opponent of progressive ideology being used to indoctrinate school children. His offense? He referred to someone as a “groomer.”

Of course, progressives can call conservatives Nazis, fascists, and all kinds of evil names willy-nilly without fear of consequences. They can refer to black conservatives as “coons,” “Uncle Toms,” and other slurs and still remain on the platform. But don’t you dare refer to someone who supports schools transitioning kids to the opposite gender behind their parent’s back as a “groomer.”

The reason the company is updating its policy is obvious: The upcoming midterm elections are less than three months away. These races will be critical as they are expected to hand control of Congress and possibly the Senate to the GOP, which is a prospect that terrifies the hard leftists that work at Twitter.

In essence, they are going to do the exact same thing they did in 2020: Suppress information that could be damaging to the left. They will tamp down on anyone questioning the fairness of the elections – as long as they are on the right. You can be sure that when progressives falsely claim Republicans are suppressing black votes, without evidence, their tweets will remain intact. It is only acceptable to question the fairness of an election if you are on the left.

It is not likely their efforts will work. Democrats have made such a mess of things that it would take an act of God for them to maintain control of Congress. But since they have nothing to run on, they need all the outside help they can get.


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