Twitter Suspends James Lindsay After Media Matters Summons the Social Media Mob

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It looks like the Cancel Culture Community™ has claimed another scalp. Twitter suspended author and academic James Lindsay’s account on Friday, claiming he violated its rules against “hateful conduct.” The suspension came after Lindsay referred to Harvard Law professor Alejandra Caraballo as a “child sexualization specialist.”


Lindsay’s comments were in response to the professor telling him that his “misogynoir is showing” in a reply to his tweet implying that Vice President Kamala Harris is “incompetent.”

For those who have lives, the word “misogynoir” refers to racism specifically against black women. It’s one of those terms insufferable hard leftists invented to smear folks who dare to criticize a woman with a high melanin count.

“Twitter has made it abundantly clear it is actively complicit in the protection of the sexualization of children,” Lindsay said during a conversation with The Daily Caller. “This will be a short term inconvenience for me, but they have painted themselves in the worst possible light and raised a lot of attention for the issue, so I’m grateful for that.”

Lindsay said he appealed the suspension, pointing out to Twitter that its censorship brigade “arbitrarily changed the rules and suspended my account after repeatedly forcing me to lie to admissions of guilt for ‘violations’ that aren’t real.”

“You should un-suspend my account and correct your biased and arbitrary policy enforcement,” Lindsay wrote in his appeal.

Media Matters has been pushing the social media platform to expand its censorship to include the “groomer” label used to describe those who participate in indoctrinating K-12 students with far-leftist ideology regarding sexuality and gender identity. Lindsay and others have used the moniker also to describe those who support schools helping children who believe they are transgender to transition to the opposite sex.


Caraballo posted a tweet in response to Twitter’s suspension, saying “Good riddance,” and included a screenshot showing she had mass-reported his account for “hateful conduct.”

Lindsay had previously been suspended in July after referring to a Media Matters employee as a “groomer.” They restored his account after 12 hours and after he deleted the tweet.

Media Matters is a hard leftist outlet that bills itself as a conservative media watchdog. In reality, they watch right-leaning media looking for opportunities to deceptively smear conservative personalities. Lately, they have been engaged in a smear campaign against Allie Beth Stuckey, host of the Relatable podcast and part of The Blaze network. In a recent hit piece, they complained that she “pushes a far-right, Christian agenda to young women” and that she “weaponizes her Christian faith to attack non-traditional gender roles often targeting and spreading misinformation about LGBTQ people and those that do not adhere to her prescribed fundamentalist lifestyle.”

The online Cancel Culture Community™ will probably be even more emboldened by their success in pressuring Twitter to remove Lindsay from its platform. This will be especially true if Twitter bends to the mob and upholds the suspension. In fact, it would not be surprising to see them intensify their efforts against Stuckey and others. The authoritarian left might be pushing to suppress views that do not align with theirs – but they cannot suspend all of us no matter how hard they try. Honestly? This situation just encourages folks like myself to be even more aggressive in calling out the malfeasance perpetuated by these radicals.



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