The FBI Raid Is Not Hurting Trump Politically – So Far

AP Photo/Julia Nikhinson

The FBI’s raid on the home of former President Donald Trump shocked the nation on Monday evening. When Trump announced agents were searching his place of residence at Mar-a-Lago, it set the airwaves and interwebs on fire.


Discussion and debate continue to rage as talking heads, politicians, and other members of the chattering class speculate on the potential impact of the Bureau’s investigation. But amazingly enough, Trump and Republicans have not yet felt the force of the development in a political sense.

As RedState’s Streiff reported, two Republican candidates with Trump’s blessing won their primary races in Wisconsin and Washington. “In Wisconsin, Rebecca Kleefisch picked up 42% of the vote to come in second to Tim Michels’ 47%,” Streiff wrote. “Recent polls had shown Kleefisch and Michels running neck-and-neck. Kleefisch is the former lieutenant governor of Wisconsin; she was endorsed by former vice president Mike Pence and former governor Scott Walker. President Trump endorsed Michels.”

In Connecticut, Leora Levy, the former president’s pick for Senate, won her primary. She snagged 50% of the total votes.

There has not been any new polling to test Trump’s approval rating after the FBI raid. But if one has their finger on the pulse of social media and the conservative base, it is not hard to tell that he has not lost one iota of support from the right. In fact, this fiasco does not seem to have changed many minds at all.

Perhaps this is because everyone knows this raid stinks to high heaven. Even some Democrats have admitted that it is coming off like a politically-motivated attack on a former president. It’s not crazy to imagine that many more Democrats feel the same, even if they will not say so publicly.


This brings me to a point I’ve been hammering home constantly: Attorney General Merrick Garland could have made a massive mistake by allowing this raid to take place. It is a highly risky gambit. If the agents find evidence of a serious crime committed by Trump or perhaps someone in his orbit, it could pay off. It might be enough for a serious indictment that might not lead to a conviction but would cause enough political damage to prevent the former president from occupying the White House again.

However, if all they find are documents that should have been given to the National Archive, there is going to be a nuclear-grade blowback on the Biden administration and even the Democratic Party as a whole. The Bureau will have lost what little scrap of credibility it has left.

Even more, Trump will sail right into the White House. If the DOJ doesn’t have evidence of serious wrongdoing, they may have just given the Orange Man What Is Bad™ the biggest favor any president has ever received outside of Marilyn Monroe.


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