President Trump Won Big in Last Night's Primaries but One Pro-Impeachment Republican Beat Him

Tuesday night, two Trump-backed candidates scored big wins in primary races in Wisconsin and Washington.

In Wisconsin, Rebecca Kleefisch picked up 42% of the vote to come in second to Tim Michels’ 47%. Recent polls had shown Kleefisch and Michels running neck-and-neck. Kleefisch is the former lieutenant governor of Wisconsin; she was endorsed by former vice president Mike Pence and former governor Scott Walker. President Trump endorsed Michels. See LIVE ELECTION RESULTS: Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont, Wisconsin.


In Washington, Representative Jaime Beutler Herrera faced a primary challenge in WA-03. Beutler Herrera was one of ten GOP representatives voting to impeach President Trump. She came in third in a jungle primary, losing to Trump-endorsed Joe Kent by less than 1,000 votes.

In Connecticut’s primary for the US Senate, Trump’s pick, Leora Levy, romped to a win picking up over 50% of the votes in a three-person race. She had been nominated but never confirmed to be President Trump’s ambassador to Chile. The establishment pick, Themis Klarides, won 40%. See LIVE ELECTION RESULTS: Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont, Wisconsin.

The only dark spot in the evening for President Trump was that Dan Newhouse, a quisling from Washington’s 4th district, evaded justice. Newhouse, one of the ten GOP representatives who voted in favor of the ridiculous bill of impeachment against President Trump, won 25% of the vote in an 8-person jungle primary. Trump’s pick, Loren Culp, came in third by 6,000 votes.


At the end of the evening, there was no doubt about the ability of President Trump to influence the GOP. The only shortcoming was his inability to clear the field so Culp could send Newhouse packing.


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