Woke Corporations Won’t Touch Abortion

AP Photo/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Here’s an interesting one for you. Despite their incessant attempts to show the woke left that they are good allies, there is one issue about which corporations have been conspicuously silent: Abortion.

After the Supreme Court handed down its ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, the political scene was set ablaze with debate over abortion. The pro-abortion crowd cried foul and repeated their usual claims that pro-lifers just want to control women’s bodies and blah blah blah.

But a report reveals that corporate America has not jumped into the fray as they would be expected to. The Conference Board released the findings of a study showing that almost a month after the Supreme Court issued its ruling on Dobbs, only one in ten companies have made, or plan to make, a public statement about abortion.

Racial equity (61 percent), LGBTQ rights (44 percent), COVID-19 (40 percent), gender equality (39 percent), and anti-Asian violence (31 percent) topped the list of issues on which corporations have commented publicly. But abortion does not seem to be a popular topic of discussion for these organizations.

These findings come at a time when corporations have been more willing to involve themselves in political matters. Some, like the Walt Disney Company, have openly clashed with politicians over policy matters. Disney went toe-to-toe with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over the state’s Parental Rights in Education law. They lost the battle, but this has not stopped them from continuing to make public statements on political matters.

After the murder of George Floyd, numerous corporations exploited the tragedy to earn the favor of the progressive crowd. Indeed, the study shows that since 2020, 61 percent of companies surveyed have chimed in on “racial equality.” Many pledged to use their largesse to help the black community. Of course, later it turned out that most of these companies were just kidding – but they still managed to stay on the good side of progressives.

However, what is interesting about the study is that while companies have not spoken publicly about abortion, over half (51 percent) have addressed the issue internally with their employees. Paul Washington, executive director of the Environmental, Social and Governance Center at the Conference Board, told Axios that the reason corporations are more willing to discuss issues other than abortion is because “coming out in favor of racial equality or gender equality, is something that is obviously a very mainstream, widely embraced position, hard to be attacked for.”

Washington also noted that employees are more outspoken on social issues nowadays, when the labor market is more favorable towards workers. Indeed, another study showed that members of Gen Z increasingly desire to ensure that their employers are aware of the political causes they support. They seek to work at companies that share their beliefs.

But what is it about abortion that has companies afraid to speak out? It is a controversial issue, but racial issues are arguably just as heated. After all, nobody engages in nationwide riots over abortion, right?

Perhaps it is because these corporations cannot figure out how to use the issue to their benefit by speaking out publicly. Moreover, they don’t seem to need to signal their virtue as loudly as they would when dealing with “marginalized” communities.

Instead, they can implement policies designed to help their female employees obtain abortions if they happen to live in a state that restricts the procedure. They can do other things to make it easier for their employees to terminate their pregnancies. Not only does this help them score points with the left, it also benefits their bottom line. If their female workers do not have children, that means they are not taking time off. It might sound cynical, but even those on the pro-abortion side have acknowledged the same reality.

However, it would not be surprising to see the pro-abortion crowd start pressuring companies to speak out publicly on the issue. They know they can scare many of these organizations to join their side in the effort to preserve abortion, so we may see this percentage increase, albeit not to the level of other topics.


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