Republicans Should Heed Trump’s Advice on School Security

AP Photo/Chris Seward

Despite widespread controversy, the National Rifle Association held its annual meeting in Texas in the wake of the school shooting that occurred in Uvalde. The tragedy was one of the primary topics of discussion, as well as solutions to protect America’s children. Former President Donald Trump spoke at the event and gave some important advice to Republican lawmakers.

During his speech, Trump slammed Democrats for refusing to support measures to enhance security in schools. He suggested that despite what people might feel about restricting gun ownership, they can still back the implantation of school security strategies to prevent would-be shooters from taking innocent lives. “Whatever our differences may be on other issues, what on earth is stopping Democrats from immediately passing measures to ramp up school security,” he said.

“How many more tragedies will it take until they agree to set aside their far left political agenda and do what is really needed and actually works,” the former president added.

Trump expressed a sentiment felt by many on the right who are pointing out that the anti-gunner lobby appears to be far more fixated on preventing law-abiding Americans from obtaining certain types of firearms than they are on looking at life-saving solutions. President Joe Biden and his merry band of Democrats in Congress, along with their comrades in the activist media, have proposed no other solutions other than restricting gun ownership. The favorite among the left would involve instituting another assault weapons ban – meaning they seek to ban guns they can’t even define.

Meanwhile, those outside of the anti-gun lobby are looking at helping schools put into action strategies and tools that would make life harder for the would-be mass shooter. Trump recommended using metal detectors, armed security guards, and single-entry points for school buildings. Others have also suggested arming teachers and making sure they are trained in the proper use of their firearms. However, Democrats have opposed all of these suggestions, insisting that banning AR-15s is the only way to protect America’s children.

Trump’s assertions were on point. But we already know anti-gun Democrats will never support anything other than gun control. In fact, Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) shot down a measure codifying into law a program that helps schools learn how to ensure their students are safe. As my colleague Brandon Morse pointed out, Schumer’s move was purely political. They are more concerned with pushing an agenda than with safeguarding the lives of our children.

But where do Republicans fit into this equation?

We already know Democrats aren’t interested in protecting schoolchildren. But if current trends remain static, they won’t be in control of Congress in 2023. Republicans are set to retake the House and possibly even the Senate. What will they do about school shootings when they are in office?

Hopefully, they will follow Trump’s advice and pass laws that require and help schools institute security measures to turn them into hard targets. If they are smart, they will ensure kids attending public schools have the same level of protection that is provided to government officials, courthouses, sporting events, and others in buildings that have armed security, metal detectors, surveillance cameras, and other methods used to protect those inhabiting these structures. There is absolutely no reason why children should not be safeguarded in this fashion.

But let’s be realistic.

Will the furor over school shootings that the nation is currently experiencing carry over to next year? Will the issue be in the spotlight as it is right now? Unless there is another tragedy – which is something none of us would hope for – the answer is probably “no.”

Nevertheless, Republicans still have the ability to make it an issue. It should not prevent them from passing legislation that can keep our children safe from evil men. Of course, Democrats will wail, screech, and moan at such a suggestion. With Biden in the White House, such a bill might not be made into law. But it would force Democrats to go on record as voting against a bill that would do more to defend children than useless gun bans. When 2024 rolls around and there is a Republican in the Oval Office, perhaps then America can do right by our children.


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