Democrats Are Blatantly Stopping School Safety Measures to Create Anti-Republican Narratives

Democrats Are Blatantly Stopping School Safety Measures to Create Anti-Republican Narratives
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I haven’t seen one person say that everything should stay the same after the Uvalde, Texas, mass shooting that took the lives of young children. Everyone wants to have some sort of change, and it’s definitely time for that change. Solutions began coming to the surface that are both realistic and unrealistic

The cacophony of “do something” was heard by Republicans. As my colleague Jeff Charles reported, they moved rather quickly to codify the Federal School Safety Clearinghouse in law. It’s a database of information established by the Trump administration that provides faculty, parents, and students resources on how to improve school safety, and comes with grants from both federal and state governments to make these changes happen.

It was a no-brainer move, but Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer decided to play politics as Charles reported:

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) immediately shot down the idea after Johnson asked for unanimous consent to pass the bill. “Hardening schools would’ve done nothing to prevent this shooting. In fact, there were guards and police officers already at the school yesterday when the shooter showed up,” Schumer insisted. “More guns won’t protect our children.”

It’s a blatantly dishonest take seeing as how codifying the program doesn’t necessarily add more guns, it adds resources for schools to improve safety measures within the school in a myriad of ways, especially for low-income schools.

Schumer decided to put the bill alongside the Democrat’s proposed “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act” under the full knowledge that Republicans would never vote for it. When Republicans didn’t vote for it he could then say that it’s Republicans who are actually at fault for nothing being done.

But there’s a reason Republicans didn’t vote for this act, and it’s because Schumer’s bill is just the “Disinformation Governance Board” 2.0. As reported by The Hill, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley described it well:

The GOP compares the proposal, which sets up offices in the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice and the FBI to target domestic terrorism, to the recently paused disinformation board set up by the Biden administration.

“It sounds terrible,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) of the House-passed bill, predicting it won’t get 10 Republicans in the Senate.

“It’s like the disinformation board on steroids. Another way to look at is the Patriot Act for American citizens,” he added, referring to the law passed immediately after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks that expanded the government’s power to monitor phone and email conversations and collect bank records.

Schumer and the Democrats are playing politics, and for every game they play, more lives are put at risk. Schools could be hardened and made safer but Democrats are far busier giving the media talking points to make it seem like Republicans are resisting efforts to make our nation safer.

They aren’t. Democrats are trying to Trojan Horse their ridiculous Ministry of Truth and Republicans aren’t having it. If the populace was made aware of what the Democrats were actually trying to do then they would reject it by a vast majority, but the truth is going to be withheld by their media buddies. Instead, they’ll serve up the narrative that Republicans don’t care about the people, and sadly many will buy it.

Midterms are right around the corner and Democrats are desperate. So desperate, in fact, that they’ll happily toss real solutions that keep children safer out in order to create a flimsy talking point.

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