Pro-Abortion Actress Refers to Black Men as Rapists

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White progressive elites have a remarkable tendency to reveal their own racism when things don’t go their way. The kerfuffle over the Supreme Court’s possible ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade is no different. After a leaked draft of the Court’s opinion made its way across the interwebs, actress Amanda Duarte let her bigoted mask slip when tweeting her outrage at the reality that states will soon decide what policies they will implement regarding abortion.


In a now-deleted tweet, Duarte wrote:

I do wonder how these white supremacist lawmakers would feel if their little white daughters were raped and impregnated by black men.

Actress Amanda Duarte refers to black men as rapists while decrying SCOTUS abortion ruling

The irony of referring to pro-lifers as white supremacists, while simultaneously calling black men rapists was not lost on anyone. Some responded by pointing out her brazen racism:


Do I need to even speculate as to what would happen if actors like James Woods or Nick Searcy said something even remotely similar to Duarte’s bigoted comment? The left-wing chattering class would have a collective meltdown full of hand-wringing and pearl-clutching. They would pretend they represent all conservatives.

So far, the left has met the actress’ racist tweet with a chorus of crickets, led in harmony by Jiminy himself. But this isn’t surprising given that most high-profile progressives don’t actually care about racism or any other type of bigotry. As I’ve said many times, they do not view racism as a societal ill to be eradicated; they see it as a political cudgel to be wielded against their opposition, which is why they have not bothered to speak out against Duarte’s comments.

But, it does appear the actress was embarrassed – or afraid of backlash. She deleted the tweet and shut down her Twitter account after posting an apology.

Actress Amanda Duarte apologizes for racist tweet in which she called black men rapists. (Screenshot credit: @PoetAshes/Twitter)

There can be no doubt that the hard left will make a huge push to inject as much race into the Supreme Court debate as possible. Author and founder of the 1619 Project Nikole Hannah-Jones, got started early. On Monday, she posted a tweet suggesting the pro-life movement started as a pro-segregationist movement. These folks are going to try portraying pro-lifers as racists who want to prevent black women from being able to kill their babies.


Of course, the pro-life crowd does want to safeguard black children’s lives, while Hannah-Jones’ ilk wants to help white progressives eliminate as many as possible. Even worse, they want to convince the public that pro-lifers are racists to push their anti-life agenda. Margaret Sanger would be thrilled.


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