The Left Is Descending Into Dramatics Over the Supreme Court Leak, and Libs of TikTok Is Posting the Meltdown

AP Photo/Anjum Naveed

It’s time for another Libs of TikTok supercut, and this time it comes to us straight from the weird people who think murdering babies isn’t somehow just a right, but believe it’s somehow a moral thing to do.


After a draft decision over Roe v Wade was mysteriously leaked and reported on by Politico, a lot of things happened very quickly. Joe Biden, who never acts quickly about anything, suddenly issued a statement with a more in-depth battle plan than his Afghanistan withdrawal. Barriers were erected around the Supreme Court building as lefties began calling for action in the streets.

But naturally, this inspired a whole host of virtue signaling and angry ranting from the left. Of course, TikTok is the most trafficked video platform in the west so if you’re going to signal your virtue, why not signal it there? This, of course, is where Libs of TikTok does its fishing and it got some pretty good catches. What you’ll find in the video below ranges from weird groaning to women who think the world just ended. One pink-haired woman truly believes we live in The Handmaid’s Tale.

If the left is good for anything, it’s being dramatic.

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But they’re also good at exposing themselves. The same people currently gnashing teeth and rending garments over this draft decision (meaning it’s not even finalized yet) are the same women (sorry, birthing persons) who almost revel in the idea of killing babies in the womb. Libs of TikTok pointed this out. Here’s another supercut they posted on Twitter containing a bunch of women reacting to someone asking if aborted babies are being used as kindling to power our towns and cities.


For many of these women, abortion isn’t just a sacred right or a necessary evil that they feel sad must exist, but a very fun and sometimes hilarious thing to do. Despite multiple attempts by narrative crafters on the left, they really are fans of abortion and have no care or sympathy for the children killed during the process.

This fight over abortion is guaranteed to ramp up significantly, and you can expect a struggle to develop, not just between the pro-abortion and anti-abortion sides, but between the pro-abortion narrative creators and the pro-abortion loudmouths on TikTok. The latter will be how the left truly feels about it, and so long as they’re given space to speak “their truth,” they’re going to out the entirety of their movement.


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