No, Nikole Hannah-Jones Is Not the Front-Runner for the Most Nonsensical Take on Ukraine, This Is the Front-Runner

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A little earlier today, my colleague Bonchie posted on a tweet by New York Times writer and Critical Race Theory grifter Nikole Hannah-Jones (The Front-Runner for the Most Nonsensical Ukraine Take Emerges).


I rarely find any reason to disagree with Bonchie’s analysis, but I think that he errs in giving Hannah-Jones credit for producing the most nonsensical take on Ukraine. Indeed, I think that Hannah-Jones unfairly gets the benefit of the proverbial “soft bigotry of low expectations” because, after her ridiculous and counterfactual effort to “reset the narrative” about the founding of America, when you want the most outrageously stupid take on anything, you automatically expect her to produce it.

Hannah-Jones approaches stupidity with the laziness of a journalist. She grabs the most obvious bad take, doesn’t bother to examine it, and she runs with it. To get genuine stupidity, you need to look to academia.


Take notice. The reason that no one is helping Ukraine is that Ukrainians aren’t viewed as White by the rest of Europe. This is probably a shock to Ukrainians and everyone else.

Ukrainians make up almost 77.8% of the total population, while Russians take the second spot with almost 17% of the population. Other minorities include Bella Russians 0.6%, Bulgarians 0.4%, Hungarians 0.3%, Crimean Tatars 0.5%, while Romanians and Poles both are 0.3% and Jewish residents make up 0.2% of the total population. Other minorities present are 1.8%

The number of Black Ukrainians seems to be exceedingly small (and alleging Ukrainian racism towards them is pretty much the exclusive preserve of Vladimir Putin’s fan club as if this justified an invasion), estimates put it as “a few thousand.” Roma is also a fraction of a percent of the whole population.


What is noticeable since the outpouring of popular and governmental support for Ukraine, the whole critique of Ukraine-is-not-White has simply disappeared. That’s the way the race grifters work. Race and racism are used to explain every phenomenon from crop failure to boils on the ass so long as it can generate a bit of attention. It doesn’t have to be true or even plausible; it simply needs to be alleged. The reason that the West did not react strongly to Russia’s annexation of Ukraine had nothing to do with race or ethnicity and everything to do with international relations and a Black American president who was too supine to act.

I’m sure as this drama unfolds, my candidate for front-runner will fall to the wayside because the well of stupidity runs deep.


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