Canada’s Treatment of the Freedom Convoy Protesters Is a Warning to Americans

Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

It might be tempting to look at the tyrannical actions of the Canadian government against protesters peacefully demonstrating against the state’s oppressive COVID measures and assume it could not happen in the United States. But, as Americans, it would be wise to disabuse ourselves of that notion.

The Freedom Convoy protests have been ongoing since late January. Truckers and other protesters have been demonstrating against Canada’s draconian COVID-19 measures to push the government to end them. Last Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, giving the state sweeping powers to tamp down on the protests.

Fox News reported:

Ottawa police on Friday announced the arrests of more than 100 protesters participating in demonstrations against COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates in Canada that have been ongoing for weeks.

Authorities also removed 21 vehicles in Canada’s capital on Friday night as protesters refused to vacate certain areas surrounding Parliament Hill and appeared to clash with police in videos posted online.

In a post on Twitter, Ottawa police told protesters they “must cease further unlawful activity and immediately remove your vehicle and/or property from all unlawful protest sites” and that “[a]nyone within unlawful protest site may be arrested.”

Ottawa Police Chief Steven Bell, during a press conference, indicated those participating in the protest will face punishment even after the demonstration is over.

But, it is not just Canada’s government that is targeting protesters. The country’s activist media has also joined the fray, doxxing individuals who sent money to support the cause. What many Americans do not realize, however, is that Canadian media is financially supported by the government and has been for ages. Western Standard explained:

In its 2019 budget, the federal government rolled out nearly $600 million in subsidies for select media outlets that obtain the federal government’s approval. The latest $600 million cheque is meant to fill a blind spot in exerting government influence over the Canadian print and online media.

This was a ‘blind spot’, because most of the rest of the Canadian media is already on the take.

Magazines receive large subsidies to defray the costs of printing, and mailing. Massive “regulatory subsidies” give a cornered market to the government’s favoured broadcasters, and make entry by competitors (like the late Sun News Network) virtually impossible.

The report also noted that “[t]he elephant of government media control is obviously the CBC, with an annual bill to taxpayers well in excess of $1 billion.”

This is only a small example illustrating the level of statism that exists in Canada. America’s government has not yet reached this level of control – yet. But we would be fools to think that what is happening to our neighbors to the north couldn’t happen here.

Last week, I spoke with one of my Canadian friends who told me about the media’s doxxing campaign. I responded by saying: “Man, our media is horrible. But they haven’t gotten THAT crazy yet.”

While CNN and other outlets have engaged in similar behavior, they had not yet done so on a national scale. But it was only a few days later that I found out The Washington Post has also taken to exposing those who donated to the Freedom Convoy. Later, Reuters joined in on the fun. Even without government funding, our media has become even more corrupt than Canada’s.

Freedom-loving Americans should also be concerned about the extent to which many will go to use the government to serve their interests. A poll released in January showed Democratic voters would be willing to support measures against the unvaccinated that would even make Trudeau blush.

The Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports reported that participants identifying as Democrats supported punishments for the unvaccinated including house arrest and others. KATV reported:

Fifty-nine percent of Democrats who took the poll were in support of a theoretical government policy which would confine those who have not been vaccinated to their own homes unless it was an emergency. Overall, sixty-one percent of all respondents were against the policy.

Almost half of Democrats who voted in the poll think state and federal governments should be allowed to either fine or imprison those who publicly question COVID-19 vaccine efficacy.

Forty-eight percent of Democrats taking the poll were in support of the criminal punishment of vaccine critics, whether the criticism appeared on television, radio, or even on social media. Overall, only twenty-seven percent of all respondents were in support of the punishment.

But, it gets even worse.

The poll revealed that 45 percent of Democrats supported the government moving unvaccinated Americans into separate facilities. Concentration camps, anyone?

It also showed that 29 percent believed parents who refuse to get vaccinated should lose custody of their children. This is an idea that has been supported by some in the media as well.

The events occurring in Canada should be of great concern to Americans. It paints a stark picture of where the nation is headed, if certain people have their way. There are plenty of people in this country who salivated over the footage of the state brutalizing Canadian citizens. We have already seen a full-scale effort by the White House and activist media to portray the unvaccinated as the unwashed masses who refuse to just “do the right thing.”

We are currently entering the post-COVID era. But this does not mean the threats to our freedoms have subsided. Those seeking to avoid even more tyranny would be wise to remain vigilant. Otherwise, it won’t take us too long to be a mirror of Canada’s society.


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