The Left Would Have Been Nazis According to This New Poll

Jordan Peterson said something that infuriated a good deal of people. He simply stated that if many of us had lived in Nazi Germany in the 40s’, then quite a few of us would likely have been Nazis.

The premise for the idea is that people allow themselves to be seduced by the populism of the time, or at the very least, afraid to defy the mob. Statistically speaking, a high percentage of the people alive today likely would have been one of them. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but it makes one reflect on the way we react and think about things in the modern era.

The benefit of living in today’s world is that we have this example to reflect on in the first place. We can look back and see that this kind of behavior and lack of individualistic thinking can lead to some very nasty outcomes.

People who pay attention to history are far less likely to repeat the mistakes people once made, but it would seem that many didn’t pay attention well enough.

As my colleague Nick Arama revealed on Tuesday, people were asked what kind of restrictions we should enact on the unvaccinated, and the Democrats returned with some shocking, but perhaps unsurprising, numbers on what they would do:

According to a Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports poll, 55 percent of Democrats would support fining people who refused to get vaccinated. 59 percent would favor a government policy requiring citizens to remain confined in their homes at all times, except for emergencies if they refused to be vaccinated. 45 percent favor forcing people to temporarily live in “facilities” if they refuse to get vaccinated. (Hello, camps!) 47 percent also support a government tracking program to track those who are unvaccinated.

That’s bad enough. But then comes the censorship and suppression of dissent and free speech. You are not allowed to question the narrative or you should pay. Almost half of Democrats believe that federal and state governments should be able to fine and imprison people who dare to publicly question the efficacy of vaccines on social media, television radio, or online media.

All that’s missing is the opinion on whether or not we should force the unvaccinated to wear identifiers on their clothing, like armbands or tattoos.

One has to ask if they even thought about what answer they were giving when they gave it. Did they even stop for a moment to consider that this kind of thinking has led to one of the worst atrocities ever committed to man by man?

If given the opportunity to vote for it, it would appear that many Democrats living in today’s world would absolutely approve of the othering of the unvaccinated to an extent that they would be placed in camps. In essence, they would do exactly what the Nazis did to the Jewish people.

The extent of what would happen within the camps is, of course, another matter, but at this point you already have Democrats advocating for effective imprisonment and resocialization by the state. That’s bad enough.

Doubtless, if many of the Democrats lived in Nazi Germany they would be avid Nazis, which is pretty interesting to think about given the fact that they consider themselves the party that is resisting fascism, even to the point of violence.

But here they are advocating for fascism in speech and freedom, all because they have been told that the unvaccinated are the cause of so many of society’s problems. In their quest to make people afraid, the Democrats have effectively created a knockoff Nazi party right under the nose of the Democrats…Democrats who clearly never paid attention in history class.


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