WATCH: Police Mass Arresting, Beating Freedom Convoy Protesters in Ottawa

Police scuffle with, beat protesters, screenshot. Credit: @VigilantFox/Twitter

As we previously reported, the police in Ottawa moved in this morning on the Freedom Convoy protesters. They had arrested a couple of the organizers Thursday. That was a warning that action would come today. They wanted to try to clear everyone out before the weekend, so they would not, again, have thousands of people coming in. While they did a lot of arrests Friday, they may not have achieved their aim, as there were so many people — and more will be coming.


The police arrived with their names covered, so they couldn’t be seen on their uniforms, and with tow trucks that the government had said they would conscript into service under the Emergencies Act invoked by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Some of the trucks had the names of the companies covered over and without plates, and at least one driver had a mask covering his entire face, to obscure who he was. These are not people proud of their actions.

You can see the mask on the tow truck guy here.


There were hundreds of police officers, some of them heavily armed.

Media reported that the police were even trying to hold them back from the enforcement area — presumably to prevent them from seeing what was going on.

When the police moved in, protesters were trying to hold the line, locking arms to not let the police past. They were not fighting back against the police, although one Fox News reporter said they were “shoving.” Indeed, it was the police shoving and trying to break the line, precipitating the action. The people were holding the backs of the people locking arms, so no one was actually physically shoving the police — they were just “holding the line” of people.

At one point, the police peeled one protester away from the man he was linked to, threw him to the ground, and began kicking him, and he disappeared behind the police line.

Another encounter showed a veteran being thrown down by the police.


You can see another protester here, apparently being beaten with a butt of a gun by the police. Keep in mind, none of these people hit back at the police; at best, they resisted being torn from the locked arm lines. They get kicked and beaten with guns for that.

The protest had been full of joy, with bouncy houses, spas, and snowball fights, like the one they had on Thursday evening. These were the dangerous “terrorists.”

But in a symbol of how broken Canada’s freedoms now are, the police even destroyed the bouncy houses on Friday.


This is also a good picture of the wreckage of Justin Trudeau’s career.

So, while the city may have gotten rid of some of their more extreme progressives, you still had evil liberals left in charge, including Deputy Police Chief Steve Bell, who was willing to put this plan into action (the new, temporary police chief, Matt Torigian, quit after the controversy over his hiring). This is so incredibly excessive.

Protesters still appear to be there, and the police may have underestimated what they would need to clear them out. If they make it through this enforcement, they may have the weekend. We’ll keep you updated as this continues to unfold.


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