Parents Pushing for Transparency in Schools Might Just Get Their Wish

Parents Pushing for Transparency in Schools Might Just Get Their Wish
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The debate over school districts introducing wokeism into America’s classrooms through Critical Race Theory (CRT) and gender theory continues to become more pronounced, as parents clash with progressives they believe are trying to indoctrinate their children. The conflict began during the COVID-19 pandemic, as students transitioned to learning from home. With children attending classes at home, parents became more privy to the material teachers were presenting.

It did not take long for people to see what their children had been learning, unbeknownst to their parents. Now, calls for transparency abound and parents are demanding to be given a closer look into their children’s curriculum.

Recent developments seem to suggest these parents might just get what they want. The Washington Examiner reported:

Republicans in dozens of state legislatures have introduced bills aimed at expanding curriculum transparency in public schools following months of backlash from parent activists over the inclusion of critical race theory and gender ideology in lessons.

A group of Republican lawmakers in the Minnesota state Legislature was the latest to introduce transparency legislation Monday, adding the Gopher State to a growing list of states that have introduced such legislation, including Arizona, Utah, Georgia, Indiana, and Michigan.

If current trends are any indication, even more states are likely to follow.

If passed, these bills would allow parents more of a window into what schools are teaching their kids. From The Washington Examiner:

The basic premise of the bills in each state is largely the same: Curricula and school materials must be made available to parents who wish to review them. Some bills require that such materials be posted online for parent access, while others only require that they be provided to parents who request to review them.

The education issue is one Republicans have been highlighting over the past year. They have pointed out how Democrats are defending the infusion of far-left ideology into the curriculum. Despite leftist attempts to gaslight about the issue, it seems the GOP’s messaging strategy on this is resonating with the American public.

In October, a Fox News poll found that 73 percent of registered voters are “extremely” or “very” concerned about the material schools are teaching their children. Republicans are wise to seize on this issue. They have effectively positioned themselves as champions for parents while progressives continue to insist the state should be fully in control of the curriculum being taught.

It is also worth noting that Virginia’s gubernatorial election is proof that the education issue is among the top issues in the upcoming midterm elections. Gov. Glenn Youngkin handily defeated his opponent in an election on which education had a massive influence.

Stephanie Rivera, Republican State Leadership Committee’s national press secretary provided a statement to The Examiner declaring that “contrary to what Democrats and teachers unions across the country believe, parents deserve a say in what their children are taught in the classroom.”

“State Republicans are going to win in November because they are focused on putting families first by enacting policies that give parents a greater voice in their children’s education, keep politics out of the classroom, and allow kids [to] reach their full potential,” she added.

There is no question the backlash against progressives’ effort to influence children is going to hurt Democrats. It was a losing issue from the get-go. The woke crowd’s attempt to indoctrinate children without their parents’ knowledge hit a huge snag when the COVID-19 pandemic threw a monkey wrench into their plans. It was something they couldn’t have seen coming. But now, the proverbial cat is out of the bag.

Parents have been making their feelings known and, unlike other times, it is actually resulting in action. They are running for school board seats across the country to oust progressive officials who are part of the problem. This battle is far from over, but it is clear that America’s parents aren’t going to back down. The left is about to learn that no amount of gaslighting and manipulation is going to turn the tide. The question is: Are Democrats smart enough to change course? Or will they just double down on stupid?

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