The Activist Media's Gaslighting Isn’t Working Anymore

CNN’s effort to gaslight the American public continues.

As debates over various issue facing Americans continues, the activist media outlet would rather we just pretend these matters don’t exist. On Sunday, a left-wing media activist appeared on the network to complain about Fox News for criticizing Democrats over a slew of issues.

CNN commentator and Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell joined CNN media activist Brian Stelter on “Reliable Sources” in a pearl-clutching-fest about Fox News’ supposed penchant for “inventing” various controversies. First, Stelter pointed out a series of Fox News chyrons, and whined about the notion that people might see them and believe America had “gone to hell.”

He said, “America as an ‘apocalyptic hellscape,’ that was one of the actual banners,” and complained that Fox News was trying to portray President Joe Biden’s administration as “a clown car driving off a cliff.”

Well, if the clown shoe fits…

CNN media activist Oliver Darcy also chimed in, characterizing Fox News’ reportage as an “Instagram filter,” before Stelter pretended that polling showing Americans think the country is on the wrong track is because of Fox. “Catherine, when we talk about polls showing most Americans think the country is on the wrong track, most Americans are filled with doom and gloom, we need to link it back to the media coverage,” he insisted.

Rampell responded, affirming Stelter’s remarks:

“Obviously they’re getting that messaging from the media they consume. That set of headlines that you just scrolled through, I could feel my blood pressure rising just reading those. That’s the goal, right? The goal of this kind of coverage is to freak people out, to cause them to live in fear.”

The columnist then argued that Fox’s coverage focused on issues that are less dangerous while downplaying other problems like the COVID-19 pandemic. “Ironically a lot of the fearmongering is about the things that are not actually mortal threats and then there is ignoring the things that are mortal threats, you know, ‘COVID isn’t real’ and ‘climate change isn’t real,’” Rampell said.

She continued:

“I would argue that, to me anyway, those things are a little scarier or have been scarier at various points in the past couple years. Instead it’s about the immigrant hoards and a senile president and Critical Race Theory brainwashing your kids, things that are if not just exaggerated, are invented out of whole cloth.”

It won’t take me too long to show why all of these people are full of bovine excrement.

Let’s start with COVID, since the left continues to be more fixated on the pandemic than Jim Acosta is on his reflection in the mirror. Yes, COVID is an issue…but it is not the only issue Americans face. Indeed, there are others that are even more dangerous to certain groups of people.

Not long ago, it was revealed – by Fox News – that for Americans between the ages of 18 and 49, COVID was not the number-one cause of death. Indeed, fentanyl overdoses killed far more in 2021 than COVID. Of course, folks like Stelter would rather people not know that for two reasons. For starters, it might draw some attention away from the coronavirus. Secondly, one of the primary reasons for the increased levels of fentanyl deaths are directly tied to Biden’s migrant crisis, which has emboldened Mexican drug cartels. If these people were honest, they would acknowledge BOTH issues, along with others that endanger Americans.

Then, we have the Critical Race Theory (CRT) issue, which leftists have addressed by simultaneously claiming CRT concepts are not being introduced in classrooms while also claiming that introducing CRT concepts in classrooms isn’t a big deal. However, there have been plenty of examples showing how elements of the theory are being used in school districts across the country.

Indeed, an organization called Parents Defending Education has provided an entire list of stories involving CRT in the classroom. If one needed more proof, the Zinn Education Project had over 5,000 teachers sign a pledge last year to continue teaching CRT even after their states passed laws prohibiting it. It simply cannot be denied that this brand of woke theology is being taught in classrooms nationwide.

Last, but most certainly not least, even a blind orangutan could take one glance at the Biden administration and see how badly it has failed the nation. From its failure to handle the situation at the border, to its authoritarian push to force Americans to take the COVID-19 vaccine, to its botched Afghanistan withdrawal, it can be no wonder people think the country is headed in the wrong direction. Nobody needs Fox News to know that this president is woefully inept and that America is suffering because of it.

Sure, Fox News sensationalizes the news. In this aspect, they are just like every other news outlet. Remember how media activists constantly compared former President Donald Trump to Hitler and his supporters to Nazis? Remember how they constantly lied to the public about his being a Russian asset? What about their continued assertions that the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riots are worse than the 9/11 terror attacks?

Do these people really think they’re fooling anyone?

Apparently, they do. To a certain extent, they might be right. But the fact remains, their gaslighting isn’t going to be effective enough to keep their favorite politicians from getting booted from office in the upcoming midterm elections. But I suppose we can’t blame them for trying.


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