How Many People Will Biden Allow to Die Because of His Migrant Crisis?

How Many People Will Biden Allow to Die Because of His Migrant Crisis?
Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

At this point, it is difficult to ignore the callous disregard for human life being displayed by the Biden administration in its unwillingness to take real action on the migrant crisis, which has created an unbelievable series of disasters. The refusal of the activist media to give this issue adequate coverage is also a demonstration of how little the left cares about the plight of those suffering from the situation at the southern border.

The Washington Examiner reported:

For the first time in America’s history, federal law enforcement stationed at the borders intercepted more smuggled fentanyl than heroin over the last year.

Not only were fentanyl seizures at the highest level ever recorded, but fentanyl overdoses within the United States also hit new highs, indicating the success that transnational criminal organizations had in pushing their deadly products to the public. A DEA investigation this fall found a direct link between criminal drug organizations in Mexico and fentanyl-related overdose deaths.

Last year, the United States saw a record-breaking 100,000 overdose deaths, 60 percent of which were related to fentanyl. Even worse, the drug has become the number-one killer of Americans between the ages of 18 and 49. More people in this age group have been killed by fentanyl than COVID-19. Unfortunately, the activist media is uninterested in this inconvenient factoid because they are preoccupied with trying to terrify the American public into taking the vaccine.

Indeed, while activist media outlets reported on the record number of deaths last year, they neglected to mention the fact that the migrant crisis has made it even easier for traffickers to smuggle fentanyl and other drugs across the border. But what is even more disturbing is the fact that the majority of those who die from fentanyl have no idea they are consuming it. Common street drugs are being laced with the chemical, which is then unknowingly used by Americans.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been seizing record numbers of fentanyl over the past year. The Washington Examiner reported:

The 11,200 pounds of fentanyl seized by CBP at international mail inspection facilities, sea, land, and air ports of entry, and by smugglers trying to sneak it across between the ports of entry was double last year’s fentanyl seizures. That same year, 5,400 pounds of heroin were seized, according to CBP data for fiscal year 2021, which ran from Oct. 1, 2020, to Sept. 30.

The Drug Enforcement Administration additionally seized 20.4 million pills that were fake versions of prescriptions and pumped full of fentanyl. The pills were enough to kill every American, according to the DEA.

China and Mexican cartels are the primary culprits in the fentanyl problem. The cartels manufacture fentanyl from ingredients they purchase from labs in Wuhan, China. Then, they smuggle the drug into the United States.

Biden’s migrant crisis has made it easier for people to sneak over the southern border and has also empowered the cartels to operate with impunity. In some cases, they have even killed people on American soil, which was mostly unheard of before President Joe Biden took office. With CBP stretched thin from having to address the tens of thousands of asylum seekers, while trying to round up many more illegal aliens attempting to gain entry into the states, smugglers are having a field day.

Despite all of this, the White House has done very little to curb the influx of illegals and asylum seekers seeking to enter the country. Indeed, this latest development is one of many demonstrating how the migrant crisis is affecting Americans and even those trying to make the trip to the southern border.

Vice President Kamala Harris, despite being appointed border czar last year, has shown a remarkable lack of interest in addressing the supposed “root causes” of the migrant crisis. Indeed, it was as if her appointment was nothing more than a red herring designed to make it look as if this administration actually wanted to solve the problem.

Unfortunately, even Republicans in Congress seem reticent about applying more pressure to the White House. Rep. Chip Roy has castigated some of his fellow GOP colleagues for their refusal to take the issue more seriously. The simple truth is that this problem will not be solved until we vote in people who actually want to solve it. Republicans are set to at least take back the House and possibly the Senate in the upcoming midterm election. This is yet another reason for voters to take primary season more seriously. Otherwise, we will only get more of the same starting in 2023.

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