CNN Hires Expert Spreader of Misinformation to Help Them Continue Lying to Audience

CNN hires former NBA player Rex Chapman to be part of its new streaming service. Credit: CNN

Here’s a good one for you.

CNN, the leading purveyor of fake news in America, is hiring a new member of its staff to help it continue deceiving the American public. In a move that exemplifies the meaning of irony, the activist media outlet announced on Tuesday it was hiring former NBA player Rex Chapman to be a part of its new subscription streaming service. The outlet tweeted:

Here’s something worthy of a @RexChapman retweet: #CNNPlus is adding Rex Chapman to its lineup this spring.

For those unfamiliar with Chapman’s post-NBA career, this man has become known on Twitter for deliberately spreading lies and disinformation designed to smear conservatives and Republican politicians. He is notorious for posting blatantly deceptive tweets, doctored videos, and edited tweets to his audience, which includes over one million followers on Twitter.

Breitbart News listed just a small sampling of the dishonest tweets Chapman has posted over the years. The author wrote:

To name just a few of the false claims that Chapman tweeted out over the last few years, last July he tweeted that GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell was a mask scoffer early during the pandemic.

However, a look at the record shows that McConnell was one of the early members of the GOP to advocate for mask-wearing both in D.C. and at home in Kentucky. Chapman was simply wrong on every point.

The report continued:

In January of last year, Chapman posted a faked video that purported to show a military band playing “Hit the Road Jack” on Trump’s last day in office.

But the real video posted by CNN’s Jim Acosta proves that Chapman’s audio is faked. Not only did Chapman get more than 25,000 retweets, he never deleted the lie-filled posting.

The Federalist also reported:

During the 2020 election, Chapman spread a fake conspiracy theory claiming that GOP officials locked USPS mailboxes to prevent Americans from voting. His tweet, featuring a photo that appeared to be from a news story about thieves stealing mail in 2016, received more than 20,000 retweets.

When multiple users pointed out the fake narrative, Chapman insulted them and insisted he was telling the truth.

Chapman also lied about Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) in 2020, when the lawmaker argued Supreme Court Amy Coney Barrett should not be attacked for her Catholic faith because women like her also have a place in society. The former athlete posted a tweet pretending Graham was saying only women with conservative beliefs have a place in society.

Chapman also fibbed about Breonna Taylor’s death, falsely claiming the officers who killed her were at the wrong house.

Breitbart News explained:

This is blatantly false. The police officers who shot Taylor were not at the wrong house. The search warrant they had in their possession was made out for Taylor’s apartment because she and her boyfriend had a history of dealing drugs. Her name was on the warrant. Her boyfriend’s name was on the warrant. And there was even a photo of the couple’s front door on the warrant. Whether Taylor was innocent of the charges or not, the fact is the police were not at “the wrong house.”

There are plenty of other examples of Chapman purposefully deceiving his audience.

Even with his long record of lying about the news, CNN still thought it wise to hire him. But this isn’t exactly shocking. The organization abandoned journalism years ago and has opted to embrace activism under the guise of news reporting. They are not concerned with the truth; they are concerned with weaving narratives designed to provide aid and comfort to the Democratic Party and the cause of progressivism. They are true believers in their woke theology. To them, lying to their audience is justified because they feel their ideology is best for America.

Chapman, with his propensity for spinning yarns, is the perfect addition to CNN’s new venture. He obviously has no qualms with being blatantly dishonest, meaning that he will fit right in with the outlet’s ranks. However, with CNN’s ratings and viewership in such a precarious position, one would think the outlet would try telling its audience the truth for a change. But this move further shows that the network’s leadership has still not learned its lesson. Perhaps things must get closer to hitting rock bottom before they finally decide to give actual journalism another try.


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