Arizona School District Considering Math Textbooks Claiming Conservatives Are More Racist Than Liberals

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Here’s yet another story proving that those claiming that Critical Race Theory concepts are not being infused into classrooms are lying liars who lie for a living. An Arizona school district is reportedly considering a math curriculum for high school students that is ostensibly designed to educate them on “racial bias” and “ethnic diversity.”

Parents Defending Education released a report detailing how a textbook being considered by the school district promotes tenets of wokeism:

Paradise Valley Unified School District is currently reviewing math curriculum material for high school students. However, an algebra textbook that the school district is reportedly considering states that algebra can teach us about “racial bias,” “ethnic diversity in the United States,” and “the widening imbalance between numbers of women and men on college campuses.”

The report added:

A pre-calculus textbook titled Precalculus, 6th Edition by Robert F. Blitzer that the school district is also considering reportedly features a bar graph labeled “Measuring Racial Prejudice, by Political Identification.” The bar graph shows that conservatives are supposedly more racist than people who are politically liberal. The textbook states that the source of the bar graph is a race implicit association test. Regardless of the author’s decision to include the bar graph, implicit bias as a theory has been widely debunked.

You can see a picture of the bar graph in the tweets below:

But even more disturbing about the material is that it teaches kids that conservatives are more racist than liberals – a clear effort to politicize the curriculum and indoctrinate students. Pearson, the company that produces the books, promotes the idea of “education as social justice” on its website, which explains:

Education is the most powerful force for equity and change in our world. As the leading global education provider for learners and schools, we have a unique responsibility to be proactive in fighting systemic racism and bias. To promote diversity and inclusion. To bring social justice to the classroom. To be anti-racist. To open doors of opportunity through learning and to offer better futures through education.

According to Parents Defending Education, Pearson offers resources designed to promote social justice. These include a story “about a 9-year-old transgender child called ‘Meant to be Maddie’” and a video supporting Colin Kaepernick’s protesting at football games. You can watch the Maddie video below.

While the textbook is currently under consideration and has not yet been adopted into the course material, the fact that it is even being looked at is disturbing. Using mathematics as a way to promote wokeism in the classroom is just another insidious attempt to indoctrinate American children. This is part and parcel of the Marxist’s attempts to turn out a new generation of left-wing activists.

The progressive left knows that it does not yet have the level of influence required to turn our government and society into a Marxist utopia. But it seems clear they are trying to reach our children in hopes of making their socialist dream into a reality. Put simply, they are playing the long game. The fact that we have seen numerous stories about this trend over the past year is proof positive that this is a concerted effort to win the minds of American children – largely without the knowledge of their parents.

As I wrote previously, the progressive crowd has been promoting segregated events in elementary schools and universities. Just recently, it was revealed that Centennial Elementary School in Denver, Colorado advertised an event to provide a gathering for non-white parents only. Parents Defending Education reported:

The activity reportedly had been organized on a monthly basis, with gatherings scheduled for October 13, November 10, December 8, and presumably the second Wednesday of every month following. The point of contact for the event was Nicole Tembrock, the school’s “Dean of Culture, according to the school’s calendar.

A middle school in Massachusetts provided a “safe space” for non-white students after the verdict was announced in Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial. This was ostensibly designed for minority students to discuss the outcome.

The hard left insists that these occurrences are not actually happening. They pretend that Critical Race Theory concepts are not being taught in the classroom. But those following these issues know better and can easily see through their gaslighting.

This is a serious problem that could grow even more severe if people are unwilling to stand up against it. Fortunately, there are parents going after school boards who are allowing this indoctrination. But if this effort is going to be defeated, conservatives will need even more people to speak out against this. People will need to show up in droves to vote against any official who supports the infusion of wokeism into their children’s schools. Otherwise, the left might just get that generation of Marxist activists they are looking for.


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