White Progressives Want to Turn Black People Into Mental Weaklings

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The white progressive elite, with the help of their black progressive tap dancers, is doing their level best to turn a new generation of black Americans into hypersensitive, whiny-a**ed snowflakes who are more concerned about microaggressions than real problems. This is especially true when it comes to the nation’s education system; there are several examples demonstrating how the progressive left seeks to coddle black Americans in a way that renders them incapable of handling views, behavior, or other things they don’t like.

For starters, we have the story of Christopher Trogan, a former professor at Fordham University who was recently fired for the unpardonable sin of confusing the names of two black students. Yes, you read that right. This man lost his job because he repeatedly failed to remember the names of these pupils, who took great offense at the apparent racism in this situation.

The Fordham Observer reported:

A former lecturer in the English Department, Christopher Trogan, was terminated by Fordham on Oct. 25 after a series of communications with students that stemmed from an incident where he confused the names of two Black students.

The two students whose names were mixed up sent Trogan an email after class expressing that they felt disheartened and disrespected, and believed the mistake occurred because they were both Black.

Later that day, Trogan sent an email addressing the situation to all of his students in both sections of his Composition II course.

In the email he sent to students, Trogan said the mix-up was an “innocent mistake” that he made because he had a “confused brain” — because “the two students arrived late while he was reading the work of another student at the lecturer podium.”

“The offended student assumed my mistake was because I confused that student with another Black student,” Trogan wrote. “I have done my best to validate and reassure the offended student that I made a simple, human, error. It has nothing to do with race.”

One of the students, who preferred to remain anonymous, told the Observer:

“I did not feel heard because every time he (misnamed me) I would tell him, and it just seemed like he would brush it off or that he did not care.”

Chantel Sims, who was the other student whose name was mixed up, stated she believed Trogan’s sending the email to the entire class was unnecessary because she did not report the issue to the administration.

“It seemed a little excessive, like all you needed to do was say sorry and it would have been fine,” she said. “We were not actually that upset about him mixing up our names. It was more so the random things he would throw into the response.”

In the email, the former professor ended by indicating he was willing to sacrifice his position if students felt he was being discriminatory against them. Two days after the incident, Eva Badowska, dean of the faculty of arts and sciences and associate vice president, arts and sciences, informed Trogan he was being placed on immediate suspension. She later fired the former educator.

The Observer noted:

According to Trogan, in Badowska’s letter of termination, she did not focus on the original name mix-up. The email he sent to his students on Sept. 24 was the catalyst for termination. He also said Badowska ruled that he had not exhibited “proper development” from the Oct. 5 conversation, which also contributed to the decision.

Despite Badowska’s letter, it is difficult to believe that Trogan’s “confused brain” was not a primary factor in his firing. Yes, emailing the entire class was probably not the wisest move; however, the punishment clearly does not fit the crime.

But there are plenty of other examples.

Parents Defending Education (PDE), a non-profit organization, has filed federal civil rights complaints against two public schools in Colorado and Illinois. Why? Because they both held racially segregated events. National Review reported:

The organization alleged that Centennial Elementary School in Denver, Colo. engaged in racial discrimination, violating Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, when it promoted a “families of color playground night.”

A sign at the entrance of the school’s campus advertised the event, according to a photo captured by PDE. The activity reportedly had been organized on a monthly basis, with gatherings scheduled for October 13, November 10, December 8, and presumably the second Wednesday of every month following. The point of contact for the event was Nicole Tembrock, the school’s “Dean of Culture, according to the school’s calendar.

According to National Review:

In Massachusetts, a middle school provided three “safe spaces” after the outcome of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. One of these sessions was held primarily for minority students.

These examples reveal a disturbing trend occurring in America’s educational system. It impacts students of all races and cultures, but it is even worse for black Americans because it is an obvious effort to create mentally weak individuals who can’t handle the outcome of a trial that does not go their way. They want black Americans to embrace the concept of segregated events supported by government institutions.

To put it simply, they want black folks to be offended by as much as possible. They want them to be downtrodden individuals who believe they cannot move forward because white people are too racist. The objective is clear: They want a black America that constantly cries out against any and every perceived injustice, great or small.


So that white progressives can don their white savior capes and fly to the rescue with policies that are ostensibly designed to rescue black America, but, in reality, only makes their plight even worse. And after that? Wash, rinse, repeat.

We don’t need safe spaces for Rittenhouse. We don’t need racially segregated events for minority parents and students. We don’t need the coddling of white progressives. Black Americans have been through far worse than microaggressions and cultural appropriations, and we conquered it. Instead of focusing on these silly issues, perhaps it would be more appropriate to focus on preparing all students for adulthood. That would go much further towards helping them the way progressives claim.


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