Chris Cuomo’s Scandal Is a Microcosm of a Larger Problem in Media

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By now, you have probably already heard the news. CNN media activist Chris Cuomo is in some hot water after it was revealed that his role in protecting his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, from allegations of sexual impropriety went further than he had originally lied indicated. The activist media network has suspended Cuomo as they evaluate the situation, and there seems to be a real possibility he could lose his job.

After a series of text messages between Cuomo and his brother’s team showed he was using his position as an alleged journalist to dig up information on the former governor’s accusers, it became apparent that he was more than just an onlooker. This revelation has garnered criticism from people on both the left and the right. Others have rightly pointed out that CNN’s decision to embrace activism instead of journalism is partly to blame for this situation. RedState’s Joe Cunningham wrote:

Chris Cuomo absolutely shouldn’t have a job right now. And while it appears that CNN may finally be wise to this, the damage is done. As a network, CNN is struggling to break a million viewers. Its prime-time shows are nowhere close. There is so little media trust and the network that literally built its brand on trust in the news has squandered all that trust for access to interviews with Andrew Cuomo and cutesy banter between brothers. CNN is complicit in the absolute journalistic farce that is Chris Cuomo’s journalism failure, if not in Andrew Cuomo’s cover-up.

To put the story in a nutshell, Andrew Cuomo acted like a perverted jacka** with women, and his media activist brother sought to use his position as an alleged journalist to target women who went public with their stories. It is easy to focus on this particular story as it is already egregious enough.

However, Chris Cuomo’s behavior can also be seen as a microcosm of how the Fourth Estate typically deals with Democratic politicians. When one takes a step back and looks at the bigger picture, the activist media does the exact same thing with President Joe Biden and other Democratic politicians.

They constantly run defense for Democrats while placing Republicans and conservatives in their crosshairs. The activist media has rarely uttered an unkind word about President Biden. With the exception of the Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco, the press has covered for the president any time a crisis has presented itself.

While former President Donald Trump was in office, the press served as the Democrats’ attack dog, taking every opportunity to attack him no matter what he said or did. Even now, they continue striking Biden’s opponents in an effort to increase the chances that Democrats retain control of the federal government in the 2022 midterms. There is a reason they keep trying to milk the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol building for all its worth, right?

The establishment media apparatus has a Cuomo-like relationship with the Democratic Party and has carried it on since before Trump ever thought of running for president. They are essentially the Ministry of Propaganda for the left. The difference is that nobody within their ranks will hold them accountable for their apparent disregard for objectivity.

Even in the case of Andrew Cuomo, they only took action against him because he had become a liability. Not only did he get thousands of elderly New Yorkers killed in the nursing home scandal, but he was also perving out on women in his orbit. At that point, he was doing more harm than good. We can best believe that if the former governor was still a net positive for Democrats, they’d have done Chris Cuomo’s job for him.

The reality of the situation is that Americans should be leery of most of the media outlets they consume. Chris Cuomo is not the only corrupt so-called journalist out there. Most of the media activists in popular outlets are in league with the hard left and the Democratic Party. Cuomo’s actions are but a glimpse into how this world functions.


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