The Left Does Not Care About Truth in the Rittenhouse Case

Mark Hertzberg/Pool Photo via AP

Let’s get something straight. Despite the hard left’s constant caterwauling about racism, white supremacy, and all their other talking points related to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, they are clearly not concerned with the truth about the incident in which two people were killed.

Almost every single news report put out by the activist media has been specifically designed to push a narrative – not just about the case, but about America. Indeed, they are already attempting to prime their audience for the propaganda they will spread if and when Rittenhouse is found “not guilty.”

RedState’s Bonchie pointed out that they have been planting the seeds for the argument that Rittenhouse’s acquittal is the result of deeply-ingrained racism in American society. He wrote:

Shortly after, things blew up, with the judge going off on the prosecution multiple times for misconduct. That included the questioning of Rittenhouse’s constitutional right to remain silent and an improper entry of evidence that had already been ruled as inadmissible.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long until the talking points went forth. With Rittenhouse staring at a likely acquittal, the left needed a new scapegoat, and this judge, not being a raving leftwing lunatic, is just the target they were looking for.

But they didn’t stop there. Leftists even launched a laughable campaign to get the judge removed from the case because he was racist and stuff. Apparently, during a lunch break, he said:

“I hope the Asian food isn’t coming … isn’t on one of those boats from Long Beach Harbor.”

RedState’s Nick Arama reported that leftists “started a petition to have the judge removed,” because he apparently hates Asians.

Leftist radio talk show host Qasim Rashid posted a tweet in which he referred to Kyle Rittenhouse as a white supremacist:

White supremacy is when a cop goes free after murdering 12-yr-old Tamir Rice, b/c Tamir shouldn’t have played with a toy gun—but a judge dismisses a weapons charge against white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse for an AR-15 weapon of war, even after he actually murdered 2 people w/it

Media activist David Leavitt posted a tweet stating that “[i]f you’re defending Kyle Rittenhouse you might be a white supremacist.”

But it’s not just the activist media trying to insert a racial narrative into this story. President Joe Biden even intimated that Rittenhouse is a white supremacist.

Leftists have not provided even a shred of proof that Rittenhouse has racist views. They have not turned up any social media posts indicating that he carries animus towards minorities. If these statements existed, the cancel culture community would have found them – you better believe they searched vigorously for anything they could possibly use to paint him as a young David Duke.

As I wrote previously, the three white men who Rittenhouse shot were trying to destroy a predominantly black neighborhood. One of them even used the N-word before attacking him. But the left is referring to Rittenhouse as a white supremacist when, in reality, the people he shot were doing far more to advance white supremacy than anything the young man did.

These people do NOT care about white supremacy.

They also do not care about what actually happened on that night. They do not care about the truth of the case. They are looking at this purely through partisan lenses.

The only interest they have in this case is related to how they can use it to further promote their propaganda campaign designed to persuade America to believe that the country is just as racist now as it was under Jim Crow. Indeed, conservative commentator Carmine Sabia asked a very interesting question on Twitter:

Curious. Why do you think CNN showed the entire closing argument from the prosecutor in the Kyle Rittenhouse case but is not showing any of the defense closing argument?

They will use Rittenhouse’s acquittal as evidence of the supposed rampant racism in American society. Activist media outlets will publish report after report and op-ed after op-ed in which their media activists will tell their audience that we have a grave racism problem.

To them, this case is merely a propaganda tool – nothing more, nothing less. The question is: Will the nation fall for it?


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