Report: Fox News Demolishes CNN During Primetime Even With Left-Leaning Viewers

Report: Fox News Demolishes CNN During Primetime Even With Left-Leaning Viewers
AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

As if things couldn’t get worse for CNN, a new report shows that even left-leaning viewers prefer Fox News, a conservative-leaning news outlet. It seems that CNN’s decision to go full Democratic Pravda over the past four years continues to backfire.

The Hill reported:

More Democrats are watching Fox News during prime time than CNN, according to data from Per Nielsen MRI Fusion.

The data shows Fox News is watched by 29 percent of liberal prime-time viewers compared to CNN, which garners 25 percent of those viewers.

Neilsen also noted that “[o]nly MSNBC, which is watched by 46 percent of liberal viewers during prime time, has a larger liberal audience at that time than Fox News.”

However, it is still worth noting that during daytime hours, CNN has more liberal viewers than Fox News. However, the margin is slim to the point that it is negligible with 29 percent of Democrats watching CNN and 28 percent watching Fox News.

Of course, the report also noted that Fox News remains more popular among conservatives, but what is also noteworthy is that it outperforms both CNN and MSNBC with independents. This is true of both daytime and primetime hours.

Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch commented on the report during a recent earnings call. He said:

So in a news monetization, as you mentioned, our share of audience is, you know, now 55 percent of cable news viewers, is incredibly impressive. It’s a lot of hard work to build that share and maintain it.

Murdoch continued:

One of the interesting things as a byproduct of that share is really the breadth of our audience as well. We have more independents watching Fox News than anyone else. And interestingly, we have just about an equal amount of Democrats watching Fox News as watch CNN, according to Nielsen.

The Hill pointed out that this “data comes after Fox News was found to be the most popular network for election coverage Tuesday.”

The fact that Fox News does better with conservatives is no surprise. But the network’s performance among independents and Democrats is notable in that it shows Americans are largely not drawn to the type of far-leftist propaganda being perpetuated by activist media outlets like CNN and MSNBC.

It is worth pointing out that bias can never truly be taken out of news reporting, CNN and MSNBC have skewed their reportage even further to the left. CNN, in particular, is more egregious because, unlike MSNBC, it still attempts to deceive its audience into believing they are objective.

But it does not appear that anyone is fooled. When you have anchors like Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon clearly giving political commentary under the guise of objective reporting, it is easy to see that these individuals are more concerned with influencing than informing their viewers. Oddly enough, while the network’s ratings remain in the toilet, they do not show any signs of adjusting its approach. Apparently, when you’re a true believer, activism is more important than profit.

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