When Will the Activist Media Change Its Ways?

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer recently weighed in on the state of America’s media establishment and pointed out how drastically they have moved away from journalism to outright activism. In a conversation with Breitbart News, he brought up how the activist media attempted to shield President Joe Biden from scrutiny over his son Hunter’s business dealings in China. He said:

“Just think of the Hunter Biden story. They literally blacked it out, censored it, shamed reporters who were discussing it from covering it, and then six months later they were like ‘Oh yeah, our bad, it was right,’”

Spicer has written a book that will be published soon in which he highlights the media’s collusion with the Biden administration in how it typically will not report on the problems with its policies. “It’s not just what they cover, it’s what they don’t,” he said.

He continued:

“It feels like a scene for the Lego movie when you turn on the ‘Today Show’ or the Washington Post. Everything is great, there’s no problems in the country, Joe Biden’s doing a great job, He’s working all of the time. The ridiculousness of how this press corps has acted is an insult to the word ‘journalism.’”

The former official also noted how people who routinely watch leftist activist media outlets are rarely — if ever — shown any reporting that might go against the Democrat-approved narrative. He said:

“If you look at the fact that in Loudoun County, Virginia, all of these issues that are happening, the rape of that young girl — and zero minutes were spent on ABC, CBS, and NBC. If you’re not listening to Breitbart or reading Breitbart, or going to NewsMax, you’re not seeing it — it’s the commission that’s almost the biggest sin right now.”

He then insisted that Republicans must keep calling out the deception peddled by activist media. “We need to collectively call it out and make the media feel guilty for the fact that they’re not covering it,” he asserted.

It was this last statement that got me thinking: “Is there a way to actually make the activist media ‘feel guilty’ for brazenly peddling deceptive narratives?”

I don’t think so.

I agree with Spicer’s statement that we should continually expose the activist media’s lies. We should constantly highlight the fact that they are engaged in activism, not journalism. Indeed, my goal is to get people to view these individuals as activists instead of journalists because when this happens, we know how to read between the lines and sift through the bovine excrement to which we are exposed on a daily basis.

The press is essentially an arm of the Democratic Party and has been so for years. This became especially apparent when former President Donald Trump was elected in 2016. It was as if they completely threw off all pretense of objectivity and transformed into the Democrats’ Ministry of Propaganda.

Now that Biden is in office, they have turned from attack dog to a shield of sorts. Their job is to protect this administration at all costs similar to how they did with former President Barack Obama.

The only issue on which the media actually stepped up and did its job was when President Biden completely botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan. But it did not take long for them to go back to protective mode. Now, they rarely mention the ongoing crisis that is still happening in the region. There were very few reports on the revelation that hundreds of American citizens are still trapped in the country.

Media activists working with outlets like CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and others have whitewashed the president’s many failures and ignored several other flaws in his performance. They have been one of the primary entities trying to sell his radical leftist policies to the public. Indeed, the activist media has been so in bed with the Democratic Party that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) felt comfortable chiding them for not doing enough to sell Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

The list of lies and outright deceptive narratives perpetuated by the activist media is far too long to fit in one article. But it is abundantly clear that there is no way to shame these people into being honest. Indeed, they are completely shameless in their quest to promote the progressive agenda and to destroy anyone opposing it.

But then this raises another question: How do we get them to change?

I’m not sure this is even possible. While these companies do attempt to engage in any type of reporting that will boost ratings and profit, they have shown a remarkable willingness to lose money if it means continually peddling false narratives.

Media activists know they still have a tremendous level of influence in the United States despite the fact that fewer and fewer Americans are putting their trust in their reportage. It seems reasonable, then, to suggest that trying to change how the activists in the Fourth Estate behave is akin to tilting at windmills.

Perhaps the better strategy is to continue finding ways to subvert and damage the press’ influence. This is where Spicer got it right. We must be even more aggressive in revealing these charlatans for the lying liars they are. The more they are discredited, the less impact their lies will have.

In addition, we have to focus on creating and supporting outlets on alternative media who are willing to tell the truth – even when it doesn’t benefit our side. We need people to keep starting podcasts, YouTube Channels, news blogs, and other forms of alternative media. Moreover, we need everyday people willing to support them by donating to their work or sharing their content as widely as possible. The only way to push back against the media establishment is for we the people to do our part to push those who are out there combating it every day. This is how we will win.


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