The Activist Media Is Full of Raging Hypocrites Who Have No Standards

Most people know that the activist media has become nothing more than the Democratic Party’s Ministry of Propaganda. But they are typically a smidge better at hiding their fealty to the hard left.


Over the past few weeks, members of the activist press have exposed themselves in ways that would make Jeffrey Toobin blush. Speaking of Toobin, his story is one of several that have occurred recently showing how far the media has sunk.

The CNN anchor returned to the activist media network on Thursday to participate in an interview about eight months after his embarrassing Zoom masturbation scandal in October. The media activist was promptly canned from The New Yorker after he began having carnal relations with his hand during a Zoom meeting. He later stated he believed the conference had ended.

However, it seems that CNN is letting Toobin take another whack at it, so to speak. This revelation comes weeks after the media activist network came under fire for refusing to fire anchor Chris Cuomo after it was revealed that he offered advice to his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on his sexual harassment scandal.

“Liberals can say and do anything at CNN without getting fired,” Independent Women’s Voice senior policy analyst Kelsey Bolar said to Fox News.

As a believer in forgiveness and redemption, I don’t support ‘cancelling’ Jeffrey Toobin for good. However, after performing this lewd act and becoming notorious for it, there are undoubtedly hundreds, if not thousands of better-qualified candidates, for the role of a public-facing CNN legal analyst,” Bolar argued. “It says a lot about the network’s values that it would choose to rehire a man who masturbated on a Zoom call in front of his colleagues — would the same happen if it were a woman? Or, if his name were Rick Santorum? Of course not.


Former senator Rick Santorum lost his job as a contributor for the network after he made clumsy remarks about native Americans’ relationship to the founding of the United States. The contrast between Santorum’s treatment and that of Toobin and Cuomo was not lost on anyone who was paying attention. Cornell Law School professor and media critic William A. Jacobson told Fox News:

Toobin’s conduct was not at CNN, much less on air at CNN. By contrast, Chris Cuomo has embarrassed CNN on air repeatedly by failing to keep a professional distance from his brother the Governor, while also serving as an undisclosed adviser. That CNN tolerates Chris Cuomo’s journalistic misbehavior is the outrage here, not that CNN cut a break to a guy who had a personal problem at another employer.

Grabien Media founder Tom Elliot explained the issue perfectly when he told Fox: “Of course we know why these personalities are treated differently. CNN views journalism as an ancillary concern; its main focus is serving as the Democratic Party’s PR wing.”

But it’s not just CNN that has shown a devastating lack of standards. MSNBC engaged in a similar type of hypocrisy when its media activists used their platforms to rehabilitate individuals accused of sexual harassment.

Media activist Joy Reid, only a week after lashing out at Republicans for “lifting up men” who faced sexual harassment allegations, had former Democratic Sen. Al Franken on her show. The former lawmaker was forced to resign after a number of women accused him of behaving inappropriately with them.


The night before, Reid invited Chris Matthews on her show to help him promote his new book. In February 2020, a female journalist accused the former anchor of making sexually inappropriate comments about her appearance. (See: Joy Reid Has a Funny Way of Showing How She Feels About Sexual Harassment)

It is amazing that these networks continue to brazenly show how little they care about standards among their own. If we put the shoe on the other foot and people working with Fox News had done something similar, they faux outrage from outlets like MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of the Propaganda Ministry would be clutching several sets of pearls. Perhaps this is yet another reason why trust in the media has plummeted.


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