EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Chip Roy Pulls No Punches on Biden’s Migrant Crisis

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President Joe Biden’s migrant crisis continues to be a serious issue as the situation keeps worsening. The most recent kerfuffle with Haitian migrants congregating under a freeway in Del Rio, Texas, was one of several that have arisen since immigrants began flooding the southern border in March.


I spoke with Texas Rep. Chip Roy who has been a leading voice against the White House’s handling of the crisis. I asked for his assessment of the current situation at the southern border. He replied:

I mean, that’s a big question, because it’s not a moment-by-moment issue, as you know. I mean, the country and the news cycle breaks out for ten days because of the Haitian moment in Del Rio. But that was a brief moment in time in which we process that group like we’re processing every other group, which means we expel a handful of them and then process the handful, release some. Some with notices to appear, [or] notice to report.

He continued, noting that the federal government does not seem to have precise estimates of how many migrants – both legal and illegal – are entering the country. “The Department of Homeland Security is a black hole,” the lawmaker said. “And you can’t figure out exactly who got released and who didn’t.”

Roy also brought up the number of apprehensions that have occurred at the border, noting that “it’s not just 15,000 or 20,000,” but that “it’s the one and a half million apprehensions we’ve had this year. It’s the several hundred thousand gotaways that don’t even appear in that one and a half million.”

When examining the impact of the border crisis, it is also essential to look not only at the migrants who are entering the country illegally but the fact that it has helped drug cartels funnel massive amounts of fentanyl into the U.S. “It’s the 10,000 pounds of fentanyl that has been apprehended this year, which is an extraordinary number, an off-the-charts number, more than the last three years combined,” Roy explained.


The lawmaker also discussed how the crisis is affecting the people of Texas, pointing out that the state “had 400 lbs of fentanyl that we know of at the Texas Department of Public Safety in Texas compared to 10 lbs last year.”

He noted that Texans living close to the border “are getting absolutely destroyed” because of “wires getting cut, livestock getting out, and Americans dying from opioid poisoning” and “crime going up for people all across Texas and a massive influx of people into schools, hospitals, and everything else.”

The conversation turned to the underreported reality that a significant number of migrants are dying while making the trip to the southern border. Indeed, it is estimated that hundreds of these individuals have perished while trying to make their way to Panama through the Darien Gap. Panamanian authorities continue finding the corpses of migrants passing through the area, which is riddled with drug traffickers and harsh weather conditions.

However, many of the migrants who have lost their lives died after making it into the U.S. Rep. Roy said:

How about the migrants who are dying? Several hundred? I don’t even know the exact number. We’re going around county by county trying to ask and get a number. But in Brooks County, Texas, which isn’t even a border county that’s close to the border, but it doesn’t actually touch the order. They’ve had 98 dead migrants in their county. Is anybody talking about that? Where the hell is AOC and her little white outfit crying by a fence? Give me a break.


The representative noted that one of the deceased “was found hanging on a tree” last week. “We don’t know whether that was a cartel or whether he just hung himself because he was desperate and dying in the heat,” he said.

The lawmaker also pointed out how these deaths are placing financial strain on some cities close to the border:

But these are $3,000 per body autopsy. That’s $300,000 that Brooks County, Texas has to [pay] just on autopsy. Then they got to go figure out how to bury [them]. They’ve got body trailers, literally body trailers that they’ve hauled in there to just put bodies because they don’t know where to put them.

Some Democrats have attempted to downplay Biden’s border crisis, claiming that America experiences a large influx of migrants during most years. However, many have pointed out that this particular crisis is leaps and bounds worse than what the nation has experienced in the past. Princeton Policy Advisors recently published a report predicting that this migrant crisis would be the worst in American history.

But Rep. Roy argued that the main difference between 2021’s migrant situation and previous years has to do with why it began in the first place. He said:

The difference is that the Biden administration has put a giant neon sign on the Rio Grande that says, “Come on in, and you’ll get processed and be granted asylum.” That’s the difference. In other words, people right now see this as an opportunity to just flood in. And frankly, it’s not the local Mexican population or even some of the Southern Mexican or Northern Triangle population entirely. That’s a lot of it. But it’s now an increasingly large amount of people all over the world in South America, et cetera.


Last week, the lawmaker cut a video slamming Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) for making the dubious claim that the southern border was “sovereign” and “secure.” She is one of many making false claims about the severity of the situation. I asked Rep. Roy why he thinks they would be so willing to lie about the migrant problem when America can clearly see that it is not being handled effectively. He said:

They lie for power, that’s it. And that they believe that MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of the leftist media outlets will do their bidding and they act like they’re the compassionate ones [saying] “we’re letting all these Haitians come in after this terrible earthquake,” which is complete and utter bullsh*t. What it is is Haitians who have for months, even years, [been] migrating out of Haiti into Central America, who then had Chilean IDs, Brazilian passports.

The lawmaker continued, stating that “Democrats don’t care about the truth” or “about what’s actually happening to these human beings.” He said Democrats are “either mind-numbingly stupid and naive, or they are doing this purposely for power.”

Roy also called out White House press secretary Jen Psaki and President Biden for smearing Border Patrol agents who were filmed on horseback trying to round up Haitian migrants. “And then they stand up and lie, and Joe Biden says, ‘I’m going to go after them,’ they can kiss my ass,” he fumed. “I don’t really care to listen to anything they say. Texas needs to just start telling them to shove it up their ass, and Texas needs to do whatever we want to do.”


This brought us to the next topic of discussion, namely, what should Texas do about the migrant crisis since the Biden administration seems uninterested in dealing with the matter. He said:

But at the end of the day, Texans, let’s say it’s about the governor, Texas, the entire state, and the people of the States have got to come to grips with the fact that the federal government is purposely refusing to do its constitutional obligation. In other words, the federal government is abandoning the Constitution.

To deal with the problem, Roy suggesting “creating our own Texas guards, intercepting people, stopping them at the border and turning them around, negotiating our own tactics with Mexico.”

He continued:

If we have to shut down highways in order to choke off goods and services, getting to the rest of the country to wake them up, whatever it takes is my answer to basically do what we need to do to protect the people of Texas.

Rep. Roy savaged the conduct of the Biden administration in its failure to address the problems at the border, calling it “irresponsible” He said:

It is not following the laws of the United States, and it is frankly irresponsible in terms of what that means for not only our country but the migrants who come here, who get abused by cartels on the journey, little girls sold into the sex trafficking trade, little girls branded and burned, human beings dying in the desert, people drowning in the Rio Grande. And then Democrats say, “Oh, look at us. Look at how compassionate we are.” You know what? F*ck you.


I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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