Illegal Immigration Isn’t Going to Slow Down Anytime Soon

It is becoming more and more obvious that the migrant crisis at the southern border is not going to abate at any point in the near future. As President Joe Biden continues to mishandle the situation, it has become clear that immigrants – especially those trying to enter the country illegally – will continue traveling to the border in the hopes of gaining entry into the United States and this administration is going to continue allowing these individuals to come into the country – unless they happen to be Haitians or Cubans, of course.

Instead of staying the course, the president decided to undo the immigration measures put into place by former President Donald Trump. In his desperation to cast himself as the anti-Trump, Biden was willing to threaten the integrity of America’s borders. In so doing, he brought back the catch-and-release policies of Presidents Obama and Bush despite the fact that this approach has been shown to be a proven failure.

Fox News’ Brandon Judd pointed out that this particular policy will only result in increased illegal immigration. He wrote:

Catch-and-release is the single biggest driver of illegal immigration right now. If we reward people for crossing our borders illegally, they will continue to come.

More than 40 years of evidence proves this. And the staggering catch-and-release figures this year show why more people than ever are crossing our borders illegally.

Judd also pointed out that Sen. Ron Johnson stated that Border Patrol agents told him over 600,000 migrants who entered the country illegally have been “released into the U.S. under catch-and-release since Biden took office 8 months ago” and that over 300,000 illegal immigrants were detected while sneaking into the country, but they evaded capture.

In March of this year, Reuters reported that the United States is facing the “biggest surge of migrants at its southwestern border in 20 years.” In August, Princeton Policy Advisors predicted that the border crisis would be the worst in American history. The report explained:

Calendar year 2021 will almost certainly be recorded, by a large margin, as the worst in US history for southwest border apprehensions. The administration is currently tracking 1.75 – 1.80 million apprehensions at the border, as much as 200,000 higher than the next closest year. Barring a draconian change of policy, a record for the calendar year is all but in the bag.

Combine these facts with the reality that the Biden administration has done little to stem the flow of migrants swarming the border and the influx of individuals trying to illegally enter the United States and it becomes clear that the nation is in for at least three more years of ill-advised open borders policies.

Not only is the administration refusing to impose measures that would alleviate the problem, they are, as Judd argued, using catch-and-release policies which essentially constitute an invitation to anyone seeking to come to America. Indeed, even before he took office, Biden made it clear that he wished to make it easier for tens of thousands of immigrants to come into the United States.

The fact that Biden also wishes to grant amnesty to over 11 million illegal immigrants residing in the U.S. without having legislation that would tighten up border security is also a tell. Democrats have been trying to sneak a form of amnesty into the hotly-debated infrastructure bill.

While it does not appear likely that this mass legalizing will get any traction since Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough shot it down, this does not mean the effort to provide a pathway to citizenship for illegals without any form of border security is dead in the water.

At this point, it is difficult to imagine that Biden’s White House is simply incompetent – it’s worse than that. The migrant crisis is a deliberate initiative on the part of Democrats to let in as many migrants – legally and illegally – as possible. If this were simple ineptitude, mistakes might have been made when the surge of migrants first began, but the administration would have introduced policies to slow it down.

They didn’t and this is by design.

The bottom line is that Democrats want the electoral advantage that importing more migrants can bring in the future. They wish to have more of these individuals in blue states to bolster their populations which then gives them more electoral votes and representation in Congress. Obviously, this would not happen overnight – but granting gradual amnesty will allow the Democrats to have an edge over Republicans in future elections.

Unfortunately, since Democrats have control of the White House and the legislature – at least for another year – this issue will remain. Even when Republicans manage to retake at least one chamber of Congress, it is not likely they will be able to stop Biden’s immigration agenda. Better make sure Republicans take 2024 seriously. Otherwise, this open borders effort could go on much longer.


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