Did Maxine Waters Finally Get Something Right While Discussing Haitian Migrants?

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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who recently made a fool of herself after claiming that the Border Patrol’s treatment of Haitian immigrants was “worse than what we saw with slavery,” railed against the Biden administration’s apparent bias in how it treats certain groups of immigrants.


During a Sunday appearance on MSNBC’s “Alex Witt Reports,” Waters slammed the Biden administration for not treating Haitian migrants “as human beings” and argued that the White House was dealing with them differently from how they address other groups of migrants because they are black. She said:

They should treat them like they are treating the Afghans. We’re bringing Afghans by the thousands into the country, and they deserve to be brought in because they assisted us in the war. That’s how they should be treating the Haitians, bringing in those who are eligible, vaccinating and making sure that we’re not simply trying to drive them back with our border patrol on horses, with their reins, looking at if they’re beating them.

Witt asked Waters why President Joe Biden is treating Haitian immigrants differently than other groups of migrants. The lawmaker replied, pointing out that Haitians have been mistreated by the U.S., Canada, and France, and that: “They’re black. They’re poor. It’s the poorest country in the hemisphere. They have been exploited.”

Waters continued:

It does not appear that they are seen in the same way that they see others. Haitians have been the victims because they were the first country to fight off, you know, the repression of France. Of course, France has made them pay a big price for it. Yes, I think they’re treated differently because they’re Black, because they’re Haitians, and because traditionally they have not been treated as human beings.

While addressing reporters, Waters also said she was “unhappy” with how President Biden is handling the situation with Haitian migrants.


While Waters is fond of expressing batty opinions, she might not be off the mark here. The Biden administration has brazenly treated Haitian migrants worse than individuals entering the country from Afghanistan and Central and South America. The White House has allowed a certain number of Haitians to enter the United States to have their asylum claims adjudicated, it has also deported over 10,000.

Biden is not the first president to give worse treatment to Haitian migrants than others. Vox reported:

Haitians have sought asylum at US borders for decades, but every presidential administration since the 1970s has treated Haitians differently than other migrant groups, rejecting asylum claims, holding them longer in detention, and making it harder for them to settle down in safety. In the early 1990s, for example, when the United States detained more than 12,000 Haitian refugees at Guantanamo indefinitely, Immigration and Naturalization Services denied the vast majority of them asylum.

Author Carl Lindskoog told the news outlet that “policies were specifically designed to deter Haitians from coming in. These policies became the prototype for what became a global system of migrant incarceration.”

There are indications that Biden’s approach to Haitian migrants might be making some hesitant to make the journey to the southern border. Reuters reported that “some migrants are weighing where to stop on their journey” after the U.S. began deporting Haitian nationals.

While prior presidents have discriminated against Haitian migrants, Biden is governing in an era of wokeness. One would have thought he would have reimagined how the United States deals with Haitians seeking asylum under this administration. The president and Democrats repeatedly criticized former President Donald Trump for his supposed xenophobia and bigotry.


However, it does not seem Biden is any different from his predecessor – at least when it concerns Haitians. It is also worth pointing out that the left has been remarkably silent on this issue. Along with Waters, The Grio’s April Ryan also questioned White House press secretary Jen Psaki on the issue. But in general, the left is not making a big deal out of this.

Of course, nobody needs to tell you how this would have played out if this issue played out under the previous administration. It would receive wall-to-wall pearl-clutching coverage decrying Trump’s apparent animus towards black migrants. But this situation further illustrates that the hard left’s application of wokeism is more selective than principled.



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