Mass Deportations of Black Haitian Migrants Further Expose Activist Media’s Hypocrisy

Mass Deportations of Black Haitian Migrants Further Expose Activist Media’s Hypocrisy
Border Patrol agents are rounding up Haitian migrants near the southern border.

President Biden seems to be channeling his inner Trump as his administration prepares to deport about 12,000 black Haitian migrants who recently traveled to a bridge in Del Rio. This is an unprecedented move in Biden’s presidency as, up until this point, he has been far softer on migrants coming from Central and South America.

But regardless of how one feels about immigration policy, this brings up an interesting question: Why aren’t the activist media and hard-leftist Democratic politicians pointing out the apparent differences in how this administration treats lighter-skinned migrants trying to gain entry into the United States?

The Guardian reported:

The US has begun flying Haitians camped in a Texas border town back to their homeland and blocking others from crossing from Mexico, in the beginning of what could be one of America’s swiftest, large-scale expulsions of migrants or refugees in decades.

More than 320 migrants arrived in Port-au-Prince on three flights on Sunday. Haiti said six flights were expected on Tuesday. US authorities were moving to expel many of the more 12,000 migrants who camped around a bridge in Del Rio, Texas after crossing from Ciudad Acuña, Mexico.

Those being flown back to Haiti were “given $100 and tested for Covid-19” according to The Guardian.

Gary Monplaisir, 26, told the news outlet that his parents and sister live in Port-au-Prince. To reach their home, he, his wife, and five-year-old daughter would “have to cross a gang-controlled area called Martissant where killings are routine.”

“I’m scared,” he told The Guardian. “I don’t have a plan.”

The report explained:

He said he moved to Chile in 2017, as he was about to earn an accounting degree, to work as a tow truck driver. He paid for his wife and daughter to join him. They tried to reach the US because he thought he could get a better job and help his family in Haiti.

Some of the Haitian migrants at the camp cited the recent earthquake in Haiti and the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse caused them to fear returning to the country.

U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz said on Sunday that he expects to deport 3,000 of the 12,600 remaining Haitians within a day and the rest within a week.

Now then, it seems abundantly apparent that the Biden administration is treating one group of migrants differently from the other. Indeed, footage surfaced on social media showing Border Patrol agents rounding up Haitian migrants carrying what some mistook for whips or ropes.

Did we see any of this happen over the past six months of the migrant crisis? Hundreds of thousands of Central and South Americans surged at the southern border seeking to gain entry into the United States. Many were able to successfully sneak across the border in violation of immigration laws.

A significant number of these individuals seeking asylum have been bussed into the interior of the U.S. as the Biden administration reversed most of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies and brought back the insipid “catch and release” policies of previous administrations. Many of those released into the U.S. were not even given dates to return to the courts to have their cases adjudicated.

But it appears the Biden administration’s compassion for immigrants varies depending on the level of melanin involved. This is a reality that is lost on most in the activist media, but at least April Ryan, White House correspondent for The Grio, was willing to confront White House press secretary Jen Psaki on the matter. During a recent press conference, Ryan asked:

And overall, you’re allowing Afghans to come in Afghan supporters to come in as well as Mexican, and then Haitians are not allowed. Can you speak to that the issue of equity and fairness?

Psaki gave a lengthy non-answer:

Our immigration policy is not about one country or discriminating against one country over another. We want to end that and hopefully put an end to what we saw over the last four years. Let me start with Afghan allies. Afghans who are arriving in our country are entering in a sanctioned and orderly process that includes vetting and security screenings led by the Departments of State, Defense and Homeland Security. It’s not about one particular country of origin, but we’ve outlined very specifically in here what those processes look like as individuals who are evacuated go to Lily Pad countries go through security vetting before they come to the United States on a range of programs.

Psaki continued, stating that regardless of country of origin, “Title 42 remains in place.” Title 42 is a code that allows the U.S. to deport individuals who have recently been in a country in which a communicable disease is prevalent. She also mentioned that “there are a range of programs that people who are in the country can apply for” which would include Temporary Protected Status.

However, this did not answer Ryan’s question about the treatment of certain migrants who travel to the southern border. Despite Psaki’s avoidance, it is evident that lighter-skinned migrants have been treated better than the black Haitians that tried to get into the U.S.

We can imagine how the activist media and Democrats – but I repeat myself – would react if this had occurred under the Trump administration. Ryan would have done more than just ask about it; she would go on numerous tirades about how racist the president is. CNN’s Don Lemon would have wailed: “See! I told y’all he’s a racist!” MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow would have caterwauled: “Trump hates black immigrants and probably laughs at them during conversations with Putin!”

The reality is that this is the latest in a long series of examples demonstrating that the activist press is full of raging leftist hypocrites who clearly don’t mean what they say when they accuse conservatives of racism. It illustrates what I always say about the hard left: They do not view racism or any other form of bigotry as a societal evil to oppose, they view it as a political weapon to be wielded against those who dare disagree with them.

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