Republicans Need to Do Only One Thing to Defeat the Democrats in the Midterms

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The prospects for a Republican victory in 2022 aren’t looking too shabby. Indeed, the GOP has a considerable chance of retaking both chambers of Congress in the midterm elections if it plays its cards right.

Sure, a GOP triumph is far from guaranteed. The Democrats still have political weapons to wield against the right, and they have been using these cudgels as well as they can manage.

The Jan. 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol building will continue to dog the Republican Party for as long as the Democrats can focus the nation’s attention on the incident. So far, the Democrats and their close friends and allies in the activist media have done as much as they could to keep the fracas in national discourse for as long as possible.

Indeed, it was only recently that it was announced that the National Guard would finally be removing its troops from the Capitol. Anyone with an IQ of a gnat could easily see that the only reason why troops remained stationed in the area for almost five months was that the Democrats were using them as political props to make it seem as if crazed MAGA zealots were salivating at the thought of causing another kerfuffle in Washington, D.C. (See: The Left Is Finally Finished Using the National Guard as Political Propaganda)

It is also worth noting that the left and its Never Trump comrades are still spinning the fairy tale that former President Donald Trump incited the riots and are using this lie to smear the non-establishment faction of the conservative movement.

Even further, the Democrats are still using their usual race-baiting tactics to paint anyone who doesn’t agree with them as mindless bigots who seek to oppress people of color. Nothing surprising there, right? This has become par for the course on the left.

But on the other hand, the Democrats have much that can be used against them, media spin notwithstanding. After only five months into his term, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Biden’s presidency is an unmitigated disaster. His administration currently has a disturbing number of crises on its hands and it does not seem up to the task of resolving these issues.

Firstly, we have the migrant crisis that Biden caused by essentially sending the message to migrants that they would be given the red carpet treatment if they made the dangerous trek to America’s southern border. So far, over 100,000 unaccompanied minors have taken the journey along with adults who are attempting to gain entry legally and illegally. The administration has not made any significant progress in addressing this particular issue.

To make matters worse, jobs numbers are still in the toilet. As we saw last week, the unemployment rate ticked up as the Democrats’ continuing COVID unemployment benefits incentivize Americans to stay home instead of going back to work. Small businesses are suffering because they are unable to hire workers due to the continued welfare assistance at the state and federal levels.

Moreover, the Biden administration is being hit by both sides over its response to the violence between Israel and Hamas. While the two entities eventually agreed to a ceasefire, the president’s weak reaction to the situation left much to be desired.

And this is not counting the future crises that will pop up between now and 2022. Remember, we are only five months into Biden’s presidency and he has already shown a heartbreaking level of ineptitude as has his team, including alleged border czar Vice President Kamala Harris who hasn’t bothered to even visit the border two months after being tasked with handling the migrant crisis.

However, as stated previously, GOP success in 2022 is not guaranteed. Here’s what the Republican Party must do to ensure victory: Don’t be as stupid as the Democrats.

That’s it.

No seriously, it’s really that simple.

All the GOP has to do is keep from rivaling the left in stupidity and craziness. Yes, there are nuts on both sides of the political aisle. But if the Republicans are diligent about pointing out the Democrats’ numerous failures and their efforts to propose ineffectual big government programs as solutions, they will have won half the battle. They must also sell the benefits of conservatives’ solutions to the problems that many Americans face instead of focusing only on being the opposition.

It ain’t hard, folks.

But if you have been a conservative for as long as I have, you have already seen that the GOP can easily snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. This is why we must continue impressing upon our leaders that they need to push the agenda for which they were elected. Right now, the Democrats are attempting to ram through as much far-leftist policy as they can while they have control of both chambers of Congress and the White House. It will only get worse if they aren’t stopped in 2022.