Police Detain Mother at Six Flags Theme Park for Short Shorts

Colorado mother confronted by police at Six Flags for her shorts (Credit: Bailey Breedlove)

This is a rather strange story involving a confrontation between police and a citizen. A Colorado mother says police mistreated her at a Six Flags amusement park over an article of clothing.


Bailey Breedlove, who was on vacation with her daughter and boyfriend, wrote a post on Facebook describing her encounter with law enforcement during her visit to the theme park in Oklahoma. In the post, she explained the officers detained her because her shorts were too short.

Apparently, the park did not appreciate Breedlove channeling her inner Daisy Duke.

The mother starts by stating they “were having fun, enjoying rides and spending money on what we thought was going to be a great vacation spot in Oklahoma city.”

However, the excursion made a turn for the worse when a police officer confronted Breedlove over her 11-year-old daughter’s activities. “About 7 pm my daughter was yelled at by a park police officer for rolling down a hill on her heelies right next to me, I was holding her hand,” she wrote.

“Heelies” are kid’s shoes that have a wheel built into the sole on which they can roll. But, according to Breedlove, her daughter’s rolling was just the beginning. “Then she proceeded to follow me and grabbed my shoulder to turn me around and proceeded to tell me my shorts were ‘too short.’”

Breedlove continued:

I committed no crime and proceeded to walk to my boyfriend as I am autistic and have a hard time talking to officers. She followed me yelling and calling for backup. Then your incompetent manager showed up and began body shaming me. I was told I needed to go buy new shorts which I am not obligated to purchase anything I don’t want to. Then I was threatened with criminal trespassing when I agreed to buy new shorts so my family could enjoy their vacation.


The mother goes on to state that she was “pushed and escorted toward the entrance.” When they were preparing to leave, she states that they were “blocked by your female officer from leaving and she pulled out her cuffs and demanded my ID.”

Breedlove stated that when they asked the officer what probable cause she had to demand ID, the officer responded, “because they are the police.” Her boyfriend recorded part of the encounter and the video has been posted to Tik Tok.

The mother castigated the officer and Six Flags for her treatment, stating, “I was terrified I was about to go to jail over a pair of shorts. Your officers had my 11 year old daughter crying hysterically thinking her mother was about to be arrested.”

“Your policies are vague and confusing and the way you body shame and discriminate is unlawful,” she added.

The authorities eventually released Breedlove without arresting her, but in her post, she states she has been banned from the park for five years. She said she has contacted an attorney and is seeking a refund. The mother has also contacted Oklahoma’s law enforcement agency, which stated that the officer was not one of theirs. However, they indicated they are looking into the matter.

It is not clear whether Breedlove’s short shorts actually violated Six Flags’ dress code. According to the theme park’s website, “proper attire must be worn in the Park at all times, including shirts and appropriate footwear.”


The site makes no mention of the length of shorts that are allowed. On her Tik Tok page, Breedlove posted pictures wearing the shorts she had on that day, arguing that they were not overly revealing.

A Six Flags spokesperson told the New York Post that Breedlove “was initially stopped because her shorts exposed a significant portion of her buttocks.”

However, the spokesperson also claimed that she was ejected from the park “because of her behavior towards the police, our team members, and other park guests.”

The theme park stated they conducted an “internal review” of the incident and claims the mother “was given multiple opportunities to change or cover up, but refused” and accused her of responding “with profanity and offensive conduct, including further exposing her buttocks.”

The behavior displayed by the park’s management and the law enforcement officer on duty seems excessive. If Breedlove’s account of the incident is accurate, it is apparent that these individuals mistreated her. In the video, one of them is heard telling the mother that she was being “disorderly,” however, at this point, she is simply sitting down and protesting her treatment.

Oklahoma is not a “stop and identify” state, meaning that one is not required to reveal their identity to a police officer unless they are suspected of committing a crime. It does not appear that Breedlove was doing anything illegal.


Moreover, it seems that Six Flags also mishandled the issue. How was she allowed to be in the park for two hours wearing those shorts without a problem if she actually violated the dress code? Moreover, after looking at the park’s website, it is clear that Breedlove has a point when she accuses the park of being “vague” in its dress code policy.

On the other hand, if Breedlove was engaging in the abrasive behavior that the park alleges, she’s not exactly as pure as the driven snow in this altercation. However, there is no evidence that she acted in the way the park’s spokesperson indicated as of yet.

Either way, we can file this incident under “what the hell?”



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